Saturday, June 04, 2011

The American Gem Trade Association 2011

This year I only have four favourites out of all the categories and only one in first place.
The pendant/brooch could only rate an Honorable Mention in the Business/Day Wear section and I would like a gold chain with it.
Eva Cheng used 18k rose gold, a freeform rose Quartz set with a .70 carat round diamond and accented with 178 diamonds.

This necklace by Samuel Getz was placed first in the Classical Section. I like the colours, shape and 18th century look of it. It's made with Platinum and 18K yellow gold and features yellow Sapphires (68.77ctw), blue Sapphires (24.34ctw), red Spinels (24.20ctw) and Diamonds (22.38ctw).

This piece of whimsy straight from 'Alice in Wonderland' is titled "Who Are You" and won the Best Use of Pearls category. It was sculpted by Llyn L. Strelau and features two-tone gold and silver with freshwater baroque Pearls, Sough Sea keshi Pearls, akoya seed Pearls, demantoid Garnets (green), ruby and cognac Diamonds on a crystal Quartz base.

But this was my all time favourite of the bunch. It only managed 3rd place in the Objects of Art Section but I love its simplicity. "Dandelion" by Tigran Lementsyan features Quartz and Diamonds (.36ctw) with silver, 18K yellow gold and gold plated leaves.


The Elephant's Child said...

Dandelions is just beautiful. Far and away No 1 in my list. My fingers itch after it with lust. I have a dandelion clock cast in perspex and wonder how they did it without the seeds being crushed/shifting.

Jayne said...

I do like them but the dandelion wins hands down, very perfect.
They are called "wet the beds" too lol.

Middle Child said...

I loved the last one best it is just amazing and so beautiful - thanks for showing it

River said...

That first one looks like one of those puffy nylon body scrub thingys that someone's earrings got caught in.
I love the colours on the Sam Getz necklace.
The dandelion is lovely, but I'd be afraid of breaking it, it looks so delicate.

JahTeh said...

EC, I can see the cats playing with it now. I demand you post a photo of the clock on the next photo Sunday post.

Jayne, considering how many are living in my front lawn, it's a wonder I'm not permanently in the loo.

Therese, I want to reach out and touch the fluffy bits even thought they're made from silver.

River, I love the Getz necklace, something about the colours make it nice to look at. It'd go well at the check-out.

Link said...

Late to the party (again). The Dandelion is lovely but what on earth have they mounted it on? Something a little lighter and elegant and a bit less lumpen and crumpet-looking would have done more justice.

Mind you my eyes and ears could be failing me at this point.

R.H. said...

Hi, my name is Robert, I am not mad.
Gems, what a racket. Worn by women and pimps.
I've bought a little motorbike, Honda CT 110. I'm taking you for a ride. It'll look a bit silly but don't we all?


R.H. said...

O' lordy, one thing could free us:
Seeing ourselves as dogs see us.

JahTeh said...

Link, it's a piece of quartz with small crystals which they call druzy quartz. There were no horse brooches entered this year.

Robbert, Motor bike? Where are you going to put the dogs? The least you could have done was buy one with a side car.

R.H. said...

No worries man, I've got other vehicles.

Helen said...

I thought the last one was a toasted crumpet. *Drools*

JahTeh said...

Helen, how could you? Crumpets with butter and honey are a memory for me because one was not enough and the packet was too many.

remy hair said...

Wow! Really gorgeous accessories..I really like it!
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