Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I've been walking

Yes, me, walking but only because the sun is out and it's lovely.
No, I'm not walking when winter hits and it's cold and raining so I'm raking up points now.
Besides I'm hurt.
I hope our Nanny Premier is reading, I'm about to swear and he can collect the on-the-spot fine.
Yesterday the fucktard of a bus driver stopped too far from the curb and I had to do a Tarzan onto the grass and I felt my back muscle go ping.
And it kept up for the 20 minute walk home.
Today there's been a lot of oowwing and yarking but I walked.
The tree choppers have been working so walking was with my nose to the ground looking for twigs and bloody gumnuts.
Anyway I got my 15 minutes of Vitamin D3 to add to the 5000 IU I'm now taking. I have another blood test on 20th June and it had better be way up because if there's one thing that's more sensitive to needles than my fingers, it's my backside and that's where the Vitamin D shots go.
Sorry to go on and on but there's no-one else to whine to. Goddess forbid I should ring my sister to talk to. It's all 'suck it up and stop eating' with her. I did read through the food sheets about snacks for my shopping list tomorrow and holymoly, there's the Liz Hurley way to weight loss. For an afternoon snack I can have 6 sultanas, okay so it's 2 more than Liz eats but still 6 sultanas, 'food euphoria'.
I'd still like to know how in hell one measures half a cup of baked beans. That's one of the ultra snacks, one small baked potato with half a cup of bakes beans on top. Worthy of MasterChef isn't it.
Now don't tell anyone, I know I can confide in youse lot but I bought a pineapple cream Freddo Frog for tonight. It's not forbidden food, it's an anti-depressant. True, honest, really, bugger it would I lie to blogmates?


River said...

Pineapple cream Freddos????
Where did you find such a thing?
Oh yum!! and yes, they're definitely an antidepressant.

Half a cup of baked beans is probably one of those tiny 140g or 125g cans, they come with ring pulls for easy opening. (or you could just use a measuring cup....)

Good on you for walking. I miss my daily walk, but since the heel pain keeps flaring up it's all I can do to hobble home from work.
I'd planned on getting from 3km a day last summer up to about 6 by next summer. Now instead it's hamstring, achilles and foot stretching exercises, which don't seem to be helping all that much. Arch supports which I've been waring for about 6 years, don't help at all.

Lord Sedgwick said...

'Pineapple cream Freddos?'

When it met your lips what sort of handsome prince did it turn into?

tracy said...

Sorry, but you lost me at the pineapple cream Freddo. I think they're prolly one of those things. You either like them or your don't, and nothing in between.

Sorry about the bus driver and your back.

The Elephant's Child said...

I envisage a special hell for people like that bus driver or painful piles depending on how vindictive I am feeling. SIX sultanas? I measure my sultana intake by the handful. And I have big hands. Well done with the walking, and hopefully the vitamin D will sky rocket. And the Freddo comes into the same category as snacks eaten standing up - it doesn't count.

Andrew said...

That kind of diet for you is absurd. Don't bother. You will only depress yourself. Work out your own diet and include plenty of treats, but it is like a budget, it only works if you stick to it.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

6 sultanas is stupid, JT. Who gave you this "diet"? Diabetes doesn't require a "diet" it requires a lifestyle change which can be maintained.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Stay well clear of places which display confectionery. Out of sight, out of mind.

There must be a second list of Allowed Foods? Pile them onto the Rationed Foods to bulk-out the thrill.
Use the 6 sultanas as if they were chewing gum. I have watched rabbits dining and the dear little things chew every mouthful 20 times.
When Sis says "suck it up" your reply must be - "You will be stuck with Mum and your baby when I'm gone, so you should help me".
You can do it. X X X

JahTeh said...

River, I haven't seen creme filled Freddos for ages and I love pineapple.
I took a long time to eat it, it was lovely.
I looked at the price of the small beans yesterday and they are the price of a large can, very un-economical so I go back to opening a large can and eating it until it's gone or the remains go to the possums.
I don't suppose it helps standing on concrete all day either, even though you're moving, it's still one spot.

MiLord, a ghastly bearded thing with a yellow knob on top! Nearly turned me off Freddos.

Tracy, any creme filled Freddo is heaven but I have a fondness for pineapple.
I was in and out of buses the other day and I don't know how many times I had to haul the old bod up into the bus or swing out but I think the kerb was the last straw. The buses can be lowered but I'm sure the drivers get more fun out of watching the fat ladies struggle.

EC, I was not standing up, I was reclining and savouring but I did have to wrestle the cover off so that was exercise.
I can have sultanas and nuts together but only a small amount or put the sultanas on cream cheese on a wholemeal cracker. To me it seems an awful lot of trouble for one thing. And I've already told this 'expert' that my weight will not go down. At the moment until they get the sugar stabilised, I'm not supposed to go more than 4 hours without food. According to the loGI book, if you have a good breakfast at 8 then you'll feel peckish at 10.30 because a healthy body will have digested and sent it off to all corners to be turned into energy. The trick word here is 'healthy'.

Andrew, I've got two books by a Monash expert, 15 sheets of info from the Diabetes educator and a brain full of contradictions. It's certainly not helping the depression or the rampant anxiety.

Muriels, my life has no style. I am supposed to change by putting myself first and others last, not a thing I'm used to doing.

Annie, cruel thing to wish my sister on me, that's just terrifying. I was wondering yesterday as I staggered around with the shopping trolley whether sultanas on top of creamcheese icing on top of a piece of carrot cake would qualify as snack worthy. In the finish I had a sandwich and a cup of black Earl Grey tea, the cake money went towards a taxi home.
And this will make you laugh, I should carry water, a snack bar (diet thing) and a packet of jelly beans which covers all that can go wrong. You know what I'm like anywhere near jellybeans let alone carry a packet 24/7.
This is what pisses me off about 'experts', they think they're talking to rational people except some of us are half way to the local nut farm.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I confess that a packet of jelly beans would be emptied between purchase point and home.
Time-release webster pack the only solution there.

The cure for this contagious DESIRE for a pineapple cream Freddo is to read a list of the exact ingredients.
actual chocolate and actual pineapple are not going to be first and second on that list. just a bunch of poisonous chemicals, emulsifiers, stabilisers etc.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, it's a Freddo, of course it's real chocolate but I can't answer for the pineapple cream. I must confess it came in a double pack and I did mean to save one but they both went the way of the jelly bean.

Middle Child said...

Hahahaah - Pineapple frogs!!!
I am slowly losing weight - but slowly. I don't diet - because then i think starvation and am likely to giove up. Luckily for me about four years ago I found i couldn't handle flour (wheat) any more (gluten)and for some reason my lifelong sweet tooth left me so that I can have sweet things in the house for my rare visitors but don't go for them myself. Its slow to be sure but what I do is have a decent meal three times a day - not huge and just try not to eat in between - and then a banana - also treat myself to a couple of glasses of red wine nightly - have only lost 10kgs in the last 6 months but better than not losing it and better than putting it on. Not perfect at all - somedays I have too much but other days I am fine so it all balances out. Now with my scary high BP just under control and facing a stroke/heart kidney damage from it if it gets out of control(hereditary in our family)I have real incentive - If my kids can have kids and have grandchildren - I know they will be as okay as i was when Mum died- after that its up to them - if I didn't have them I wouldn't really care all that much - but I do and they have already been through way too much instead of 6 sultanas - just be not too hard on yourself and if one day is not the best the next day will be better...walking is so good and I am lucky out here in the country I can go for a walk round the paddock in winter (scary snakes in summer)
the word verification is "tickl"

Anonymous said...

Pineapple Freddos are in the
Giant Freddo & Friends $10 showbag at the RAS Show ...

XX Annie