Thursday, June 23, 2011

The fence is built.

They starting building it at 8 in the morning and finished at 5 p.m.
Now I have to go out and dig up the water meter and all my river stones around it.
There's a pile of Mondo grass from next door's garden so I'll put that along the fence bottom and see how long I take to kill it with my black hand of plant death.
All the flat bricks along the fence bottom are everywhere so I guess I'll have to pick them up before the mowerman arrives.

But nothing's being done today because a tow truck is coming to take away the half fixed VW which has been residing here rent-free for a year. Why do people do this to the BOH, pay him for half the job then tell him there's no more money just yet. 12 months and still no money to finish the car so it's I take an geologist's pick to it.
Then there'll be room for the ute in the carport unless a fully engined up Mazda returns to it's nesting ground. Apparently the rules were sneakily changed so that one size engine couldn't be put in a different size car. A bit like putting a 747 engine in a Piper Cherokee but the BOH finished the job because he was more than half way through the work. Everything was passed except for the tuning which he paid another 'professional' for and it wasn't done professionally so the little beast had a nice smoke trail. The nephew has this problem constantly, he does his job with every care while everyone around him faffs it. The seats are in, engine re-built, tyres on and now for the panel beating and painting. To be really authentic, it should be the original colour but even I would baulk at bilious lime green so it's going to be his favourite colour, black, quel surprise!
It doesn't pay to be an honest workman sometimes. The ute hasn't been sold because the gear box hasn't been fine tuned by a mate who was supposed to help in return for help with a panel beating problem and that was more than six months ago. It's the only thing he can't do himself.
It looks so nice in the drive, all black and shiny silver. And this is the work of someone who has trouble putting a fitted sheet on a mattress.

I have another visit to the doc's tomorrow and another hour with the pain in the butt Diabetes Educator. The one who insisted I have 3 meals a day and 3 snacks and guess who's put on weight? I told her I would, my body doesn't understand 3 meals, 3 snacks, it understands 6 lots of food, no matter how small. I've been to this clinic 3 times now and 3 times the receptionists have misdirected, misinformed and confused me. Monday was no exception. A simple blood test for which I walked in the freezing cold for. We don't do blood tests here in spite of the fact that the last blood test I had was done there and even she forgot to do the Zinc test so had to ring and make sure I put a large sign on the form to remind her. Snooty receptionist went off to confirm and said they could fit me in at midday and it was only 11.25 so I waited. Midday comes and so does a work accident kid and I get the bum's rush. Out to catch a bus in the same freezing wind and have the blood test in Mentone which I could have done by catching the bus at 10 o'clock. Pathology has to confirm the Zinc test, nearly 10 minutes on the phone and she asks me what kind of show are they running there. I warmed up and the blood ran free but then it was out into the freezing cold again. I was heading for the nursing home but the waft of fresh coffee from the bakery called to me and I warmed up again. And afternoon with the ladies (two dropped off the twig at the weekend) and I get home in the freezing wind to be told the builders were coming at 8 in the morning.

It feels like a long winter already.


The Elephant's Child said...

Mega frustration. Good luck with the doc and the diabetes person.

Anonymous said...

1. all quacks receptionists are repulsive and stupid. all.

2. comiseration on the frustration their incompetence caused your BP

3. waft of coffee from bakery MUST be resisted. baked goods are absolute anathema to weight reduction. the worst.

4. El Chi ? it is not JahTeh who needs luck, it is the diabetes person at risk, and she is clearly operating at her level of incompetence.

5. JahTeh? you must, for your own sake, stop stressing over that boys' life. get him out of yours.
X X X annie o'd

River said...

I think you might find mondo grass is quite hardy.
My son has a heap of junk, aka car, in his driveway too. I think it's been there close to 8 years now. It doesn't run at all and the tyres have perished, the rest of the car is quietly rusting/weathering away.
Maybe you should arrange for all future blood tests to be done at Mentone.

Ann O'Dyne said...

River is great. first, encouragement, then empathy, and finally practicality.

I can only say A fence is a good thing, a drawbridge is better.


how come I can comment here but not at Highrisers last 4 posts I was busting to. When I click Comment I get:
The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address

Frances said...

Anne O'Dyne: I've been told the same of my blog: people can't comment.
I believe it's got something to do with the stars, magic words and the spitefulness of fate.
Jah Teh: I feel for you. I do hope that you don't control your temper with these bureaucratic incompetents.

R.H. said...

All my vehicles are mobile. I gave the bike a run yesterday, up and down North Road, then onto The Strand and back along Melbourne Road. Top speed is only around 90 but the Arabs are going to tune it up for me.
I must say I'm most looking forward to our trip to Adelaide on it, and it's a dead cert Miss River will put us up at her unit. In which case we may expect some culinary inventiveness.
Lots of chat too. (O' Lordy) And then some.


PS: On the off-chance she's away that week we'll bunk with Ms Goldsworthy.

R.H. said...

Did you receive my reply to your email? Optusnet.

Wake up.

Of anglo appearance.

Ozfemme said...

Take heart, dear girl. The days are now getting longer. x x

JahTeh said...

EC, read next post for doctor joy.

Annie O, you know me by now, willpower is something that got left out of my genetic make-up.
Cannot throw BOH back into the arms of manky girlfriend. Although it was close this morning when I found he'd wrapped the cat in his good jacket I'd just washed and dried. I don't care if the little ferret was cold, the jacket was clean.

River, it's still sitting on the lawn and I haven't dug out the water meter from under the dirt yet. Gardening takes thinking about especially since I'm halfway through 'Primeval' series 4.

It must be his blog settings because that happened to me as well. We don't hate you DrewAn, you just won't let us in.

Frances, all therapists and educators are the same, tunnel visioned. She has no idea of my background and the fact that I feel as though I'm imprisoned by rules and food and stabbing fingers and pills like her.

Robbert, riding to Adelaide! I expect a travelogue of comments and chocolates from Haigh's.
No, I haven't had the email. I will go and shuffle through the spam.

Gee, thanks Oz and my life is getting shorter. Are you sending cake for July 31? That's a hint.

River said...

Why do you need cake for July 31st? Are you having a birthday??

Middle Child said...

Oh dear and I am moving down there!! Hm!