Friday, June 24, 2011

Happiness is.....

Knocking 5 minutes off the walk to the doctor's.
Restraining oneself from telling an expert to go f*** and stop trying to get me down to 100kgs. Ain't gunna happen lady, not while chocolate factories still churn.
Finding my blood pressure down from 188 over stroke to 130/110. Okay so 110 needs works but hey, 58 points down.
Cholesterol is 3.3. So LDL is still higher than HDL but as Doc says at that level it's no big deal.
In four weeks, overall BGL is down from 8 to 7.5. Huge says Doc, who is wearing a Pink Panther tie today.
Vitamin D blood tests weren't back but he'll ring if I need boosting, like a large needle in backside. Another thing that ain't gunna happen.

Dr. Marvin says not to take day to day levels to heart, it's the overall figures that count.

Dr. Marvin never mentions weight once.

I'm celebrating by having a delicious salad for tea. Believe that and I have a bridge I can sell you.

I won't sell you the strawberry filled chocolate frog I am celebrating with.


The Elephant's Child said...

Yipee! BIG change in blood pressure, good cholesterol and excellent Dr Marvin. And the celebration sounded good too. Not certain I could have restrained myself with the diabetes educator though.

River said...

Marvin the Martian is your doctor??
Lucky you!
I'm really, really impressed with your cholesterol. I haven't had mine checked in yonks, I probably should. It's usually around 6. But I don't know how much of that is LDL or HDL, doctors never tell me. They just say I need to get it down.
Mmmm, strawberry Freddos.
I'm eating mandarins right now. No cholesterol in those....

Andrew said...

My cholesterol results are at my doctor's. I will have to see him eventually to get the bad news. He always checks my blood pressure and says it is fine. If I ask him what it is, the figures he tells me indicate it is not so fine. What we he know. He is only a doctor.

JahTeh said...

EC, I don't have to see her again until November but now if the readings are high then I have to write down what food I had during the day and the reading after food is not two hours but two hours from the start of eating. So helpful to find out now.

Bad River, 6 is only high if your LDL is more than your good HDL. I've seen your cooking just look into your future without butter, cream, bacon, any type of fat except a tiny bit of olive oil.
My mandarin tree is loaded but not ripe yet.

Andrew, doesn't the clinic ring you if the results are high? It's the bottom figure that you have to worry about. Mine has to go down to under 100.

River said...

I don't eat cream unless it's a special occasion, I eat bacon even more rarely and I've given up pastries altogether. I've only just recently gone back to eating butter instead of olive oil based margarine, and cooking is done with olive oil. For years now, and the cholesterol doesn't change. Even my chocolate consumption is 25% of what it used tombe.

Jayne said...

I haz nfi what my cholesterol is, we just dive headfirst into that delicious sand snort*
I aint getting nothing down (like Coles) until the feral beastie child is sorted at the mental health facility at Monash *rolls eyes and know it aint never happening*

Ozfemme said...

That's very good news indeed, Miss J. Now, about this bridge...

(wv - bloast. Something that happens to me at breakfast?)

Kath Lockett said...

Sounds suspiciously like rather good news to me. Enjoy that 'salad' - I might just rustle up a 'salad' over here myself!

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Good work, JT!!!

JahTeh said...

River, it's what in the packaged stuff we eat even the so-called diet snacks which might be okay for one thing but deadly for another. This is what's doing my head in, the information on packages is not designed to give you any usuable information.

Jayne you have numerous excuses for excess, enjoy them. I hope the Feral Beast gets some sorting done or at least a handle on his situation.

Oz, it's the evening 'bloast' that does me in. And now a clever clogs scientist has worked out that drinking coffee negates the affects of taking calcium tablets which, fortunately I take at night, means a lot of money has gone down drains.

Kath Lockett eats salad, I just knew the world was coming to an end. I was looking forward to chocolate reviews from the land of Lindt.

Muriels, I'm still staggering around in the dark where food is concerned. What is good for one thing is bad for another and everything piles on stress. I hope Sam is recovering nicely.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Happiness is.....
Knocking 5 minutes off the walk to the doctor's.

Happiness is knocking off the doctor within 5 minutes.

OK so I have a premature bulk biller issues. Dammit, some of those GP's can do it to me.

JahTeh said...

MiLord, my sister would really like to change to Dr. Marvin but she had such a punch up at this clinic because they wouldn't bulkbill a workcare injury. She refused to pay and she's not game to find out if she's still on their black list.
How come they don't bulk bill you? You're old and decrepit.

Lord Sedgwick said...

No Coppertop.

I have it on personal references that whilst I might (in the eyes of some who don't appreciate what's on offer) appear old and decrepit I can *bulk* my bill with the best of 'em.

(Then again I might well be having a lend of myself.)