Tuesday, June 07, 2011

From Iceland to Chile

A Chilean volcano in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle has erupted for the first time in 50 years. The volcanic chain is about 575 miles south of the capital, Santiago but because of the ash cloud and weather conditions, it's not yet clear which particular volcano of the four is erupting.

The ash cloud has been thrown 6 miles (10 kilometres) into to the sky with winds fanning the cloud towards Argentina as the Chaiten eruption did 3 years ago.

Authorities had been expecting the eruption after repeated earthquakes were reported in the area and the volcanic range then entered an explosive eruptive process. The air is full of the smell of sulphur and seismic activity is continuous.

Chile's chain of about 2,000 volcanoes is the world's second largest after Indonesia. Some 50 to 60 are on record as having erupted, and 500 are potentially active.

The photo above is a time lapse image of the lightning strikes in the ash cloud.

The ash cloud after the initial eruption.

The ash cloud reflecting the sun's rays.

Lightning strikes as the ash cloud continues to rise.

The ash cloud rising but winds are now blowing it towards Argentina.


no-one said...

Those photos are amazing. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

this is where I say my usual mantra We are all hurtling through outer space clinging to a ball of revolving molten rock.
Watch the skies.
love from ballarat where it is 3 degrees and the hail wants to be snow. there are 3-week old calves in wet paddocks so you can all eat meat.

JahTeh said...

no-one, I'm waiting to see if all 4 volcanoes erupt. I'd be taking photos with a long range lens but one photo has the ash cloud in the background with children playing pingpong and taking no notice.

Annie O, expecting snow in the Dandenongs tonight. It's not me, I killed a block of tofu tonight.

Gerry said...

Fantastic pics.

You seem to have a thing about very impressive geological ejaculations...

Freud a friend?

R.H. said...

Last summer I sat in the old Williamstown dressing sheds converted into a pizza joint and worked through a capricciosa as my deadhead niece recited jargon on the HUMAN CONDITION while through the windows behind her I watched a woman get undressed out on the rocks and stand there naked. These are the final months in my blog reply career and I'm sorry I began it except for meeting you.

JahTeh said...

Freud smeud! I have a voodoo bear dressed in a straight jacket and when anyone annoys me I stab through its genitals with a long hat pin. Freud That!

Robbert, surely not another Melba farewell comment. NO, don't tell me, you're finally starting your own blog.
You can't give up now, I don't think anyone has banned or beaten you up for ages and where would I get my daily dose of philosophy not the mention the laughs when you do get beaten up.
Say it's a new blog, all about Melbourne and the SP bookies and pimps, the good stuff. "The Truth behind Underbelly" by one who was there. It would be a reference blog about old Melbourne. You're not riding off into the sunset on that bloody scooter, are you?

R.H. said...

Beaten up? On the contrary, my comments are being approved in the most unlikely place. I'm becoming decent, acceptable.
What a CATastrophe.

JahTeh said...

Yes, Robbert, I saw that you had not been deleted but the commenter after you was not so lucky.

R.H. said...

Some folks will be surprised to know that I've always liked Ms Kerryn Goldsworthy. I think you know, you know me fairly well.

Gerry said...

JT, you're getting a bit scary. :-)

R.H. said...

Right well let's stop this nonsense and act grown up, Alexander'a Ragtime Band this evening, just for mother, then Murderess Trish turned up and sang Solitaire, during which I had trouble staying in key because she kept changing it, then she opened a new packet of Thins I just bought today and ate the lot. Never mind, eventually we moved on to Mame, a big band number which she does very well with lots of sashaying about but unfortunately interrupted this evening when someone threw a dead potplant over the front fence. It seems the padded bag I sent off for you today could arrive at Mentone tomorrow, or certainly by next Tueday. I'm assured of this by the little cutie at Williamstown P O who turned side on twice to give me a terrifying view of her top stack. Oh my goodness, crave that I were her postmaster.


JahTeh said...

Robbert, most likely Tuesday because I'll only get a post note today.
I love Alexander Ragtime Band and Solitaire but wasn't fussed about Mame.
The movie went on too long but La Striesand's costumes were gorgeous.
Only a dead potplant? I think you were lucky considering the things that are heaved over fences in Melbourne these days. I hope the bikie raids didn't upset you since you've just become one yourself.

Dear Bear, you've no idea the satisfaction gained by using a large hat pin. Don't have to use it for the ex, the man's a natural self stabber.

R.H. said...

The bikie raids were just harrassment, they achieved nothing: an old shotgun and some baking soda.

I had your name from an email but lost it. I've addressed you thus:

(Blog Copperwitch)
c/o Mentone Post Office.

I like it, looks good, a bit like "Batman". What do you think?


R.H. said...

I've just found out the Bee Gees have a version of Alexanders Ragtime Band.

Good grief, flared trousers and all.

It's on YouTube.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, the BeeGees? I don't think I could face it. I have fond memories of Tyrone Power in the film of Alexander's Ragtime Band.

Gerry said...

JT, I keep getting stabbing pains in my groin. STOPPIT!!!

Middle Child said...

Those photos are something else - wonder how they will put a Carbon Dioxide tax on that lot???? Sure shows us the power of nature as opposed to the power of mankind

JahTeh said...

I should stop, Bear. It's looking a bit shabby,I'll have to make a new set but what size, small,medium or throw it over your shoulder.

Therese, it's a wonder the climate deniers haven't started to blame nature entirely and leave humans lily white.
There's also a volcano in Vanautu which is belching, another in Indonesia, in fact the whole ring of fire is having a gas attack.

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