Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Winter's arrived

Yesterday I walked down the drive and picked up the junk mail.
Later on I walked to the letter box and picked up the letters.
At midday I walked out the gate and caught the bus to see Mother.

I arrived back home about 4.30 and my side fence had fallen down.
It must have happened the night before when the wind was strong as yesterday the weather was beautiful, chilly but the sun was out.
I couldn't have walked down the drive three times and not noticed the fence had fallen down.

Bad luck for next door who have just spent money on getting a new fence on the other side of their property.
Bad luck for me who's going to have to find $600 or more to pay to a fence builder.
Good luck is both of us deciding to only get a new fence up to my carport and hope the rest of it doesn't collapse.
Good luck is the supports are on my side and it didn't fall on the one remaining Camelia tree which is just beginning to bloom.
Half bad luck to next door, about the fence but it didn't fall all the way to the ground and splatter her terribly 'in vogue' and expensive Yucca plants.


Andrew said...

Camellia 1, yuccas 0. A good score if you ask me.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, She's very trendy with every thing inside and outside the house. River stones instead of garden and Yucca plants everywhere and she nicked my idea of bricking in the front yard.

River said...

Trendy is over-rated and yuccas are yucky. Small ones are okay, but once they're too big for their spot they just look awful. Unless your yard is an acre of desert.
Too bad about the fence, wish I had $600 to send you.

JahTeh said...

River, she changes the look with whatever's in fashion but I am glad she took out the gum tree they had when we moved here 36 years ago. It would be more than dangerous by now. I'm right for the money but I'd hate to have to replace all the fences now.

Middle Child said...

Don't you just hold your breath a bit against things breaking or breaking down around the house