Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Working for the Home

I do these stupid things so I don't have to help on the fund raising days when I'd rather sit and eat the food.
I've been putting cameos in little lockets and brooches and fiddling with chains and bails and my hands don't work like they used to.
And I haven't even started the glueing stage which is a whole other world of frustration and fingers glued together.
Dumped the 5 minute Araldyte, it takes longer than that to put an 8x6mm cameo in the setting.

The old dears are raising funds to buy a coffee machine.
I hope you lot aren't rolling round the floor laughing, it was bad enough me doing that.
They want it for the days when it's too cold to go to the coffee shop.
I don't know whose idea it was but I have a feeling it was my mother and if she thinks I'm going to train as a barista, she can think again.

It's one of those nice ideas that are going to be hell to make work. The staff have already taken the kettle out of the activities room since one of the residents likes to take it to his room. The microwave is so high up, the short visitors have to ask the tall ones for help. Not to mention what will happen to the cappuccino cups. I have taken so many cups down there and believe me, they have a half life of about 2 days before disappearing into the ether.
Harris Scarffe had lovely pink rose mugs on special this week so I bought them for mother but she was only allowed one and I've taken the rest hostage. When they break that one, I'll take down another.

Stupid weather forecasters made me miss the sausage sizzle today. What happened to cold with rain? It would have been lovely in the courtyard, dodging wheelchairs and sauce bottles. Instead I stayed home and spend loads of her money on card making thingies. She has to get started on Christmas, it is September you know.


The Elephant's Child said...

Oh dear. I shouldn't be snickering but I am. I just have this lovely vision of you acting as a barista hampered by the cameo bits glued to your fingers. And I bet the half life of the cups is reduced in direct proportion to how nice they are.

River said...

A coffee machine? I love those things! I don't have one, but I love those things! My older daughter has a built-in one and makes me hot chocolate when I visit.
At my workplace, "someone", we don't know who, believes that clean up the sink means gathering all the unwashed cups etc and chucking the lot in the bin.

Andrew said...

Cuppa tea love? Seems we have undergone generational change. A coffee machine in an old people's place. Who would have thunk it.

Brian Hughes said...

I have my own coffee machine. It's called Michelle.

And if she ever reads this, I'll have my own neutering machine as well.

JahTeh said...

Damn blogger stole my comment.

EC,I have bought so many cups, saucers and mugs for the home and they just disappear even for allowing them to get chipped in the dishwasher, it's still a lot 'missing'.

River, the good thing is, with their combined memories the idea shouldn't last longer than 24 hours.

Andrew, they love a good brew especially if it's in the shopping centre where they can spend money. The problem is lack of staff to wheel the chairs. Volunteers are welcome??

MiLord, I don't know how Michelle puts up with you, it must be great wealth and a signed will form.

Brian Hughes said...

I'm heavily insured.

R.H. said...

Poor RH, dropping in to say Hi, to all my darlings. Why not chain the wheelchairs together in a line and tow them to the beach with a draughthorse or am I being silly.

JahTeh said...

I'll be in touch with Michelle regarding the undetectable rat poison.

Robbert, you left out the most important part, how do I get the draughthorse to swim to Tassie?

R.H. said...

Good heavens, I can't take care of everything!

Jayne said...

Soy latte with 2 dollops of honey and a drizzle of butterscotch flavouring, ta :P