Friday, September 16, 2011

Space eye

So you're floating around Earth at about 17,000 mph and between 173 and 286 miles up on the International Space Station and you're taking snaps.

And what snaps! This is the Viedma Glacier part of the ice fields of Patagonia. It covers 610 square miles and is one and a quarter miles wide at the tip where it flowly into Lake Viedma.

The ice fields are the largest mass of ice in the Southern Hemisphere, covering 35,000 square miles.


Andrew said...

The middle photo is a good one to show kids how glaciers work.

The Elephant's Child said...

Oh. How beautiful. Yet again I am so so grateful for your exploration in the internet. I love these photos to bits.

Jayne said...

I love these photos, and, yes, they should be shown on a regular basis at school.
Just a tiny complaint - the text got so itty I had to drag out the magnified presecription specs :P

JahTeh said...

"flowly" I meant flows, fancy being pissed at 10.45 a.m.

Andrew, just how big to be seen from space.

EC, I seem to be roaming around Patagonia a lot. A neighbor went on a trekking expedition to Patagonia but too rugged and cold for me. Google "horns of the bull+Patagonia", you'll love it.

Jayne, my fault, forgot to change the font size. I must say if I had a computer during my school days, I'd have done less schoolwork than I actually did. I spent the last year doing work 5 minutes before it was due and the rest of the time, Egyptology.

Brian Hughes said...

Are you sure that middle one didn't just get smudged in the printers?

W.V. = Dalin. Wasn't he a dwarf in the Hobbit?

River said...

Fantastic photos!!
Next time they're over Australia let's ask them to pick us up, we'll take our cameras and get our own shots. Okay?

JahTeh said...

MiLord, you ought to talk, I saw those photos of Blackpool looking as though it had snowed but was seafoam. A bit more cold and you could have had your own glacier coming down the fells.
I haven't read the Hobbit, the ex's favourite book so it can't be as good as Harry.

River, bookings are now being taken by Richard Branson for his space flights, start saving.