Thursday, November 03, 2011

Anybody home?

Nearly back to blogging.
Another visit to Doc Marvin tomorrow.
Granddaughter's 18th Birthday tomorrow.
Kim Kardashion, dill.
72 days of marriage and I could tell in 72 hours that I wanted out of mine.
In fact, walking into the church it was 72 seconds.
Cup Day always brings back bad memories.
I dreamt last night that someone was trying to smother me with a pillow.
The night before I dreamt of someone who insisted his hand hadn't been cut off despite the bleeding stump.
I really do need to see Doc Marvin, pronto.


River said...

*knock knock*
anybody home?

Yes, I'm here, come on in.
Sit down, I'll put the kettle on.

Now, tell me all about these weird dreams you're having.....

Tea or coffee? And would you like a vanilla slice?

Elisabeth said...

It's your dream, Jahteh. So who's doing the smothering. Anniversaries can be painful times. Is your 18 year old granddaughter in her VCE? If so, another tough time, for her at least.

I hope this anniversary is not too bad.

Davoh said...

Anyone home? Um, bit difficult to go anywhere else without a functioning motor vehicle (or airline, if it comes to that .. heh).
Depends on where one calls "home", i guess.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Depends on where one calls "home", i guess.

Australia! I still call Australia home, which is one up on the overpaid Qantas leprechaun who calls Mumbai a home away from home.

PS. Davoh, you do a good (albeit slimmer) Jack Thompson lookalike.

River said...

*sob* my comment disappeared....

but "I'm" still here.

The Elephant's Child said...

I'm here. And really, really looking forward to your return. And I envy you Dr Marvin. A good doctor is hard to find and I haven't.

Jayne said...

Don't let that swine continue to smother you, J, you're a fabulous person and you're living a great life without him anywhere near it.
Yay on your grandbaby's birthday!
Have a Bombay Sapphire, put your feet up and think of Brewsters Butchers in Southland...or Tasman meats, whichever floats your boat ;)

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, I forgot the best anniversary, on the 5th November, 10 years since my Decree Nisee or should that be NICE. Oh happy day.

Davoh, I was stuck in a toilet once and I reckon that's what it would feel like to fly to Europe in cattle class. I'll wait for my fortune to travel in comfort especially coming home.

MiLord, you should not say rotten things about the poor man who's struggling to live on 3 million bucks a year. And after hearing what was on the black box from that French air liner that went down in the Atlantic, I want a sober well trained Australian Captain on every flight and that's after a 12 hour sleep.

River, you was robbed by google, sue them.

EC, he's a good doctor but he gave me new pills and I only had 3 before the world went blurry and then I googled and found out they were the same pills that caused a lot of teens to suicide.
I just upped the dose of my usual happy beans and I feel better, hell, I'm answering comments.

Tanks Jayne from a vegetarian, I tend to close my eyes walking past there. I will go free range chicken and free range mince tarts and free range chocolate. I think dreaming I was being smothered might have happened from sleeping on my back and swallowing my tongue. I blame that dreadful beer ad with the wandering detached tongue.

Ann O'Dyne said...

if I ran the country I would be a dictator and shut down CSR - especially now that China is buying it - as sugar is bringing the world to its knees, being in everything from soup to bloody wine (and aspartame is worse).
yesterday I ate an entire bucket of blueberry boutique ice cream from tasmania. Now I wish I hadn't of course.

Your dream person is one who IS IN DENIAL. Could it have been triggered by a story I told you about that Footscray guy who insisted to his quack that at 220 kgs "I am just big-boned" ?

Lord Sedgwick said...

that Footscray guy who insisted to his quack that at 220 kgs "I am just big-boned" ?

That's a boner I can only dream about.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, you give me advice then stuff ice-cream down your throat, cruel that is, just plain cruel. And blueberries don't make it any better. Now passionfruit ice-cream is to dream of.

MiLord Sedgwick, with your skinny old bod you'd be flat on your face 90% of the time so keep dreaming.