Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's a jungle out there but inside I have a garden.

Just pop round the back of the shack. The front's not much, all the action is around the corner.

Mind the climbing rose over the abour and across the pergola, heading for the roof.

Ignore the cat. If you pat its stomach the drama queen will follow you all day.

There's nothing to compare with the scent of red roses in bloom except perhaps Lavender.

I have Terrariums hanging from the shady trees. All very Victorian but no trouble.

Lovely lilac lobelia spreading everywhere and crushing the weeds. I do hate weeding.

Here comes the dog with its bone. He's heading for the Marigold patch. I don't know why he bothers he never finds the bones again. I suppose it's a dog thing.

Don't they look shiny and happy until he lands right in the middle of them.

Why are the chickens hanging off the rotary line? You may well ask and I'll tell you, it's a short cut over the chickenwire to the strawberry patch. Whoever said cluckers were dumb.

Fat and delicious, just ripe for the picking. And shaded by the big tree we're treading softly by.

It's a lovely tree but we don't want to wake the boys before nightfall. They get crabby.

They look a bit dopey in daylight but I haven't had a rat or snake problem for yonks.

And the flitter of dragonflies means we're coming to the fish pond. No pristine water for this garden, a bit of slime and lots of strange life.

Water beetles and swamp flowers galore. I never wonder about what has hatched, I'd rather not know.

I can never tell whether they are funny frogs or salamanders so I just refer to them as wobegongs. They like the slimy end of the pond to hide eggs.

Plenty of bullrushes to hide the fish. I have no idea what they're called, survivors, if they live in my pond.

More fish, more bullrushes, no Moses.

Coming right along now, mind the slime and muck and the wobegongs and take a look at the wonderful fungi.

Nature's brilliant and great fun if you poke the puffy bits with a stick. Probably poisonous.

And the best part of the garden is here. Never mind those poncy 'bottom of the garden fairies', they packed up and left when the dragon arrived. He sort of dropped in one day, landed on his head and decided to stay. Keeps the damned chickens in line.

And there you have it, my garden.

Feel free to visit any time.


River said...

I came expecting to see rampant shrubs and waist high grass, but I love all those other bits! Every single one is gorgeous!! May I save the pictures? I'd love to make a bookmark with the Dragon.

The Elephant's Child said...

What a truly wonderful garden. Those marigolds are equisite, as is the lilac lobelia. You put us mundane gardeners to shame. And any garden which contains a dragon is a good garden.

Andrew said...

'all the action is around the corner.' In my limited experience, I am inclined to agree.

Jayne said...

What, not a dubious garden shed in sight "around the corner" to stock your home made elderberry cordial (hic) which helps while away your sun-lit hours as you commune with nature?
Great post, love the pics ;)

Gerry said...

JayTee, I see you're still fully committed to ensuring this blog becomes a bloke-free zone.

JahTeh said...

River, my actual garden is full of rampant shrubs and waist high grass. Feel free to take any photo, I've already nicked them.

EC, I wish I had green thumbs but alas plants tremble and die at the touch of my black digits.

Drewan, not that you ever peeked around the corner, much.

Jayne, 'commune with nature'! Nature and I are locked in an eternal battle to see who kills who first.

Bear, I tried to make it bloke friendly but no-one makes a Cab Sav bead. I was looking for a little vial like Angelina Jolie used to wear but where hers was full of blood, I was looking for Cab Sav. It would be someone thing to wear for emergencies, break glass and guzzle.

Fen said...

ooh those owls are just TOO CUTE!!!

Kath Lockett said...

Lovely lovely lovely - where can we find these? (esp the dog and the owls) ?

...apart from your garden with the 'action around the corner' I mean?

JahTeh said...

Fen, you'll have to stand in line for those owls. I love the dopey expression on their faces.

Sorry Kath, they're made by glass artists in America and I doubt we could afford them. That's the thing about beading in America, they have these huge bead fairs in places as big as the MCG and we have nothing like that here.
If you have a chance take Saph to the Swarovski home of crystals, it's magnificent. It's in Austria ? and the tour ends in the Swarovski shop where you get to buy all those lovely crystal animals that cost an arm and a loveChunks here.