Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let's Parteeee

The party went swingingly well.  I've never seen the day room so crowded and it was the best Christmas party yet.  The staff handed food around during the entertainment and given the amount of booze the residents went for, I'd say it was very quiet last night.
Usually the entertainment is on first then food but this way it was much better as it filled in the time and no-one got restless.  The nurses had cooked most of the food themselves so it was nice and fresh and the only fail was the salmon mousse on cucumber slices which they didn't recognize as food. I gave it a top pass, they were delicious. The nurses were great as they bought out the mushed food that some residents can swallow and fed them at the same time so they didn't feel as though they were missing out.

The BOH picked me up around 6.30 and was wearing a nice new shirt.  First time in 20 years, his father managed to remember he wasn't 12 years old nor an XXXL size, he did forget to remove the price tag though.  BOH came home about midnight, said hello, had a swig of coca cola from the fridge and without a word disappeared again. I still haven't seen him but he never drives when he's been drinking so he's probably sleeping on someone's floor.  The thing is, I now have another car in the drive. Datsun is missing, station wagon is missing, black ute is at the factory with a big 'For Sale' sign but a little blue car has taken their place.
Silver ute is still here, owner hasn't stumped up the cash for the polishing job.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm living in that computer game, "Gone in 60 Seconds".  He'll turn up eventually, green around the gills. He, like myself, did not inherit the family gene for booze tolerance.


JahTeh said...

He's just turned up. Little blue car is girlfriend's father's, Datsun is back, driving blue car to girlfriend's, bringing station wagon back. I should never have encouraged him with matchbox cars.

River said...

I'm glad the party went well, it's always a relief when things go to plan.
Nice to have the cars sorted too.
Salmon mousse on cucumber slices? Hmmm.....

The Elephant's Child said...

Also glad that the party went well. And hopefully it was all quiet that night. The car juggling act you just described made my eyes cross with the effort of keeping it straight. I guess I don't need to (thankfully).
Important question: what party food could you have?

Ann O'Dyne said...

but yes, salmon mousse on cucumber slices perfect for the gluten intolerant cocktail time.
x x

JahTeh said...

River, the salmon and cucumber was really refreshing but a bit too hard to pick up for the old folk.

EC, he's just staggered out and back to bed when his phone rang and he's dressed and out the door again. Apparently his girlfriend is sick and the docs don't know what it is so he's over there holding her hand.
As for the party food, I ate everything that passed within reach of my mouth but the serves were small.

Miss O'Dyne, I have not lit any black candles just in case you had that thought.
They had plenty of sandwiches, my favourite party food and the only bought food were party pies.

R.H. said...


When I was four my mother used to take me to see a woman who had a flower shop in Chapel Street. Her name was Mrs Pratt. My mother was cheery but never observant, one time I'd shit my pants and Mrs Pratt had to tell her.
Mrs Pratt lived up in Surrey Road. I only remember going to her house once. She let us in, and as they went on down to the living room I stayed up the passage, looking at a huge wooden cross on the inside of her door. Meanwhile they were calling to me, standing close together, faces lit up.

As a teenage lout and then a rogue and a vagabond I was puzzled at being touched by little kindnesses from people. I took it as weakness in me. In Pentridge I put the gloves on with a big bloke and shocked him to where he was defenceless, but didn't finish him off. I couldn't work out why.

Faith: love of God and Jesus, is a love of justice. I wasn't born with it.

Faith makes it worth telling jokes. An absolute freedom.

Faith is what happens to you.
An easy life and you can miss it altogether.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, a very nice Christmas message. We're all born with faith, some have it nourished, others have it beaten out of them.