Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sheeee's Baaack!

Christmas Graphics

The new painkillers are working a treat.  Not even the lifting machine is hurting and that goes underneath the arms.  Of course it doesn't fix the problem, that will keep growing but at least she won't know about it until the next bout of pain. She's back making  Christmas cards and enjoying herself.  The only change is that she no longer wants to mix with the other residents as much and she doesn't mind not going down to the shops for a coffee or lunch.  She doesn't have to go anywhere for supplies, she has enough to rival Hallmark.  Will we get another year? Sister says very doubtful as she's done some research on this kind of pain and it usually means the lung is affected but she doesn't want to know and we don't want to have the job of telling her.

And tomorrow is the residents Christmas Party.  I was volunteered again to help out, I can't think who does that for me.  I try not to open my mouth at all.  And non-alcholic booze in case I fall over a walker.  I bought a bottle for my own little Christmas, I like the taste of sparkling cuvee but I hate getting sloshed and feeling as though my tongue is dragging on the ground. I do not have the family tolerance for booze.  A half dozen cans of VB for my sister is just gargling water.  One stubby of Cascade Light at the pub and I can't sit on the stool watching the pokie wheels go round without hanging on to whoever is next to me and it's never a good looking bloke.

So Tungsten Tessie lives for another Christmas, third one at the Home, 6th one since the experts said she might get one.  My mother and cockroaches, last ones standing after an A-bomb.  


The Elephant's Child said...

I am so happy that the painkillers are working for her. Long may they continue to do so. Good luck with the resident's christmas party (and may it be a lesson to you to zip your mouth firmly shut). I am with you on the alcohol front too. I like a drink but my mama could have a cask for breakfast (and unfortunately often did).

River said...

Nice to hear the new painkillers are doing their job, and hoping they continue to for a long while.

Have a wonderful christmas lunch there tomorrow, have a slice of cake for me. There will be cake, won't there? oh wait, you can't have cake.....or can you?

I love your little sparkling angel.

R.H. said...

Pardon me! I was deeply touched by Rochester's poem on mother's demise, and now she makes a joke of it by recovering.

Thanks very much mother!

Mindy said...

Yay for effective painkillers. I'm sure your mum enjoys volunteering you for these things.

Kath Lockett said...

Thank god for painkillers; it's the least he could do with the design faults he left behind!

JahTeh said...

EC, she had a great time and can't get over the fact that she is not in pain. My mother wasn't a good drinker and I remember her coming home from the work Christmas party, carefully walking in the gutter to keep a straight line.

River, there was cake, gingerbread, White Christmas, rocky road, pavlova and ginger cup cakes. I had half a glass of Cascade light in one hand and a pav in the other, reminded me of my father who used to love sweet things with his beer.

Robbert, you should know by now not to underestimate my mother's determination to live long enough to take me with her.

Mindy, the medication is new and more effective than any other slow release drug but next step up is morphine so I hope we don't have that for a while.

Kath, one of these for migraine, the joy of relief. I'm glad you left the choc blog up, I had to go way back and check out San Churro's for my Christmas selection. I work on the theory that the more expensive the chocs the fewer I'll be able to afford.