Friday, December 30, 2011

One last ChrisPic

Here we go, just one last Christmas Picture and only because if the weather bureau is correct, then for the next few days we're all going to want to be plonked on an iceberg with the penguins.

Me Mam doesn't want me to be wandering around in the hot sun so I get to stay home with the air-con and read the extremely expensive book I indulged myself for Christmas. I've only flicked through it so far but Boucheron makes lovely jools and a sneak through their archives shows who bought and re-sold what and for whom.  All the 'Grande Horizontals' of the Fin de Siecle were customers of Boucheron and I was surprised by how many of them survived well into the 20th Century.  La Belle Otero and Liane de Pougy were courtesans and great rivals in men and jewellery.  Liane heard that Otero intended to dine at Maxim's wearing every jewell she possessed. She allowed La Belle to arrive then entered wearing a simple white dress without a single ornament, but followed by her maid, who, according to which version you like, was bowed down by a burden of diamonds or carrying a large cushion of  Madame's jewells.  Such a grand putdown almost as good as the swipe to the Duchess of Windsor, who put on a show of her latest emeralds only to hear a Maharani comment that she had been wearing those gems on her ankles only months before.  They were returned to the jeweller the next day.  

So I had another day at the Home where I picked up the escapee twice when he fell, called the bingo and had my suggestion of a small jumble sale hailed as good fun. It will be combined with a sausage sizzle, a car boot sale and  no doubt I will bring home more than I take down. It's all very well to have a Pink Ribbon afternoon for charity but not when the Activities fund is down to its last $50. Fortunately it's now looking a bit more healthy with sales of Coppy brooches going like the clappers. 

I have booze, dvds and San Churro chocs for tomorrow night and just me alone with myself, the perfect New Year's Eve.


The Elephant's Child said...

It does indeed sound the perfect start to the year, which I hope at least matches its exalted beginnings. (long winded way of saying happy new year).

Kath Lockett said...

'Coppy brooches' ???? Did you make them? If so, can we have a photo?

Jayne said...

Ahhh, sounds like bliss!
Yes, photos, please!
'Ave a good NYE :)

Marshall Stacks said...

I loathe NYE because the inevitable fireworks make all the pets who have been left home alone, run away from home.
enjoy those San Churros before you make your New Year Resolutions.

River said...

I wish you could have seen the delight on my face when I saw those cute little Christmas penguins!! I'm still smiling!

I hope you have great fun at the carboot sale and sausage sizzle, have a sausage for me, with lots of onions, okay?
It's nice of your mum to let you have the hot days at home.

My New Year's Eve plans involve copious amounts of icecream and chocolate. After the Thai Fish Curry and Rice of course.

JahTeh said...

EC, a bit of a rush last night when I realized I hadn't covered 2012 diary. I can't write in a naked book, it upsets the whole ambience of having a diary and I have a journal to expand on the small diary entries.

Kath, started with totally handmade, every piece then using brooch fittings with hand embroidered roses on silk and now I use cameos in fittings. Sounds like not to stressful but it takes ages to get the right pieces in the right fittings. Put it in the wrong setting and it looks cheap, right setting and it looks a gem. I will try for photographs.

Jayne, my only resolution for 2012 is to get a digital camera. My film camera has only two exposures and they were taken last (2010) Christmas.

I'm with you Stacks. I hear them barking and howling like crazy around here and that's just from the local council fireworks. I mean 2 million dollars up in smoke over Melbourne when I'm being plagued by charities every time I answer the phone.
I have non-alcoholic wine on ice for tonight.

River, curry and rice and ice-cream and chocolate! That's creating a nasty vision in my mind, of a giant technicolour yawn in the early hours of 2012.

Everyone have a quiet and safe night.

R.H. said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures. Put here this month.

Happy new year sweetiepies. I have a definite feeling for next year, that I will be living responsibly.

Happy new year to the emblazoned children of bankers, parading down Chapel Street. The curtain will fall, lights come on, all go home.

My own lies are in the thousands, good heavens, hundreds of thousands. It's easy, quite common, the hardest thing is telling the truth.

Loving you all.


Middle Child said...

This sounds like how I have spent many New Years Eves...this time we actually went for a walk in the night air... and from accross the bay watched the fireworks from a huge distance but it was nice for a change...still like my old habitsthough. A happy new year to you ...hope it was as you intended

JahTeh said...

Robbert, 'living responsibly' well there's one resolution down the drain already and the world is not going to end in 2012, Mayan calender makers just went on strike.

Therese, welcome to the big heat. I hope you didn't fry too much but now we get some mild days, that's Melbourne.

R.H. said...

No one can say I didn't try.

Estate Agent and Brothel Owners Association.

BwcaBrownie said...

in our Profiles we can click on anything listed and see the other bloggers who are interested in that topic. Of the eleventy zillion bloggers, only 3 have lsited Impact Craters - you are SO Unique dear Coppy -

26 year old male
Location: Vienna : Austria
Interests: Impact craters, Planet-forming processes, Early development of solar systems, Development of life, Planetary geology.

Location: Hawaii : United States
Interests: Penguins, Impact Craters, Antarctica, Meteorites, Amateur Radio, Astronomy, Geology, Islands, Albatross, ..

Have you been over to say Hi to the other two?

JahTeh said...

Congrats on that Robbert, considering we're only 4 days into 2012. I've already smashed every resolution I promised myself to give a try.

Bwca, I didn't know you could do that but then I've only just given in to using googlechrome to access my blog posts. Damn blackmail it is and I'm still keeping IE as default browser, they can't take away my freedom.
Now the guy in Hawaii sounds good, liking penguins but the other sounds like genius with all that going on in a 26 year old.

R.H. said...

Shit! She might cop a boyfriend!

So what about MY profile? Who else has the interest: "Reading my own comments"?

No one! I am UNIQUE!!!

Well listen, I'm putting my photo up soon. And ladies should only view it in a prone position. You will swoon and you will faint, you will squeal and you will shriek, louder than a cafe owner during roadworks, louder than a short-changed pimp, I'm not grateful for my good looks, not with lady-demandings, if I looked any better I'd be dead by now.


R.H. said...

Hello darling sweetiepie sugar plum paddle pops. -Uncle RH here, on the job, fascinated always by Jack the Ripper's letters to The London Metropolitan Police.
Well you know my frankness, you know my resolve, you know my unwavering journey to a truth that will do me in. Meanwhile the quacks of Woods Street Preston breezing around in little grey Toyotas saying to my monkey "Bob has a lot of influence over you, doesn't he." Of course I do!- you mealy-mouthed sweet-talking bums paid to protect a dirty fucked up society -but you want more!!!

Sweetiepies when my photo goes up you will see the contemporary and temporary. The RH. But verily if I can't do it I shall mail it to my secretary Miss Jenny Copperwitch and she will display it -HERE!- on her BLOG!

Oh my goodness but I am burning, I am inspired: Miss Pavlov's pic is on her blog and what a doll.

Magdellen College. Oxford.

R.H. said...

Hi, my name is Robert, my father was a drunk. I am not a drunk. My social science niece is disappointed. She looks grim. "Children of alcoholics become alcoholics themselves" she mutters. It's there, in her text book.

Good heavens; I've let her down.

Meanwhile it's 5am or thereabouts as ol' Copperwitch snores her heart out with seven eclairs in the fridge but RH is on the job. Verily, didn't I say darlings may soon view the object of their affections? My word! (Profile, darlings. I've mentioned a movie there as well, no point wasting a trip)

Institute of Transport Studies. Monash.

R.H. said...

Yes, dig my profile.

There'll be a rush.

R.H. said...

Hey, how come it's not in colour?

R.H. said...

Miss Goldsworthy may now wish to set a date.

R.H. said...

I've already uttered those three little words: "Loan me ten."

JahTeh said...

Thank goodness Robbert has picked up the slack and kept the blog interesting.
Your profile photo looks suspiciously like George Clooney(swoon).

My father also drank, my sister can drink but I fall over after one beer or one G$T so your neice should do more research.

I would kill for eclairs in the fridge for breakfast. Bloody porridge.

I never liked that movie. Now Star Wars was a movie but it had to move over for Harry Potter.

And I'm supposed to be totally anonymous in blogland, blabbermouth.

R.H. said...

There are drunks, drunkards, and drunken sots. I'm betting your daddy didn't divorce his family to marry a pub.

Yes well you've posted a good mugshot of you with mother. You may call that anonymous but the police wouldn't.

I'm astonished that women find George Clooney such a heart throb. I find him very avuncular. I had a girlfriend who claimed I looked like Jack Nicholson. But that was about fifteen years ago, same vintage as the profile pic. There is some resemblance, but unfortunately he's aged, so have I.

Your blog is the Most Interesting always. Really. And the funniest, few are so blessed.

JahTeh said...

Jack Nicholson as in that really scary movie where he ran amok with the chopper in the haunted hotel. Who can forget those crazy eyes as he hacked into the door.