Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's all go at The Home.

I've just arrived home from a quick dash to Harris Scarfe for the BOH's Christmas present.
A set of scales that tell you everything including how many calories you need to keep your present weight or lose weight, $169.00 reduced to $49.95. Bargain.

I've been at the Home for the post Boxing Day BBQ.  I have to say that the new head girl has a real team leader spirit and everything event that I dreaded having to go to has been a blast.  The staff did all the cooking today, sausages, chops, hamburgers and garlic and herb bread. The sweets were out of this world, trifle made with sponge and crushed strawberries, chocolate ripple cake, fruit salad and one of the nurses husbands turned up with an enormous fresh chocolate cakes with strawberries on top. And icy cold Cascade light beer and wine.  But best of all, laughter, lots of it.  Something that's been missing for a while and I'm sure it had nothing to do with most of them being half pissed.

If this is my mother's last Christmas, it's been a beauty.

And no, I'm not taking my BGL until the New Year.  I would like to enjoy the last days of 2011.


The Elephant's Child said...

I am so happy for both your mother and for you. About time things turned in a positive direction.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

BGL? What BGL he he he!
Enjoy the last few of 2011 :)

R.H. said...

Boy, what you'll do for a feed!

River said...

Very wise decision on the BGL, ignore it until the festivities are over, then just adjust and get back on track.
Nie to hear things have been going well at the home; the sound of laughter is always welcome.

Kath Lockett said...

That sounds bloody lovely, Coppy. I hope that 2012 continues in the same way.

...there's a thought - if they're already in a home and in their twilight years/months/days, why not let them stay pissed? :P

JahTeh said...

Blimey, a few Cascade mistakes in that post.

EC, different atmosphere altogether but I keep waiting for the other boot to drop.

Fen, if I take it I feel obliged to write it in the book, ignoring it means I don't lie. I'm a bit over chocolates though,especially the cheap ones.

Robbert, every other bbq, it has been a sausage in bread with some chopped up lettuce so I didn't expect Hotel Windsor cuisine. It was a treat.

River, it's too depressing so I'm making a new start next week. I think it's because a few of the Alzh residents were taken home for Christmas and it totally confused them. It takes about 3 months for them to identify the Home as their place and they can't leave after that. So they were in their rooms and it does make a difference and as Miss O'Dyne says, we are looking at our future.

Kath, how is the snow and cold? New Year 3 day forecast is mid 30's.
As for this mob, pissed is obviously nothing new to them. Even the cat had fun, they eventually worked out he'd been fed 6 times yesterday, cunning beast.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Just popping in to wish you all good things for Christmas and 2012, JT!!

Jayne said...

What a terrific nosh up you've all had, damn well enjoy it and bugger the BGL - it's the season to be having a ball :)

Gerry said...

"I'm sure it had nothing to do with most of them being half pissed"

Well then it might have been that they fed a bit of nitrous oxide into the air conditioning intake.


JahTeh said...

Thanks Mummy Muriels, I wish you a good year and tattslotto to feed those dogs.
At least with them there'll be no room for a pony for Miss C.

Jayne, it has been good or maybe I just decided to change my frame of mind and forget BGLs for the holiday season.

Bear, I'm putting my name down for this place, there's a good feeling here and they hand out the Cascade light by the bottle not the glass.