Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two mysteries

Yesterday I received an email from a nice bank security site that asked me for my details to ensure that I wasn't being hacked.  Okay so that was easy to suss out and delete.
The next one took me a while.  A phone call purporting to be from Telstra telling me that because I was an excellent payer of my bills I was going to get a discount.  Need I tell you that it sounded like the Peter Sellers Memorial call centre.  They weren't asking me to change from Telstra which is why is took some time to get suspicious and even now, I might be wrong.  The discounts sounded great apart from the fact that I don't make STD calls even capped at 90c.  But they had my phone number, my 2nd right name and address (SE water has the 1st right name) and asked for my birthdate as confirmation, no problems as every company I deal with does that.  After complimenting me on not sounding as though I was born in l948 (never getting a webcam, never) she asked for my ABN for the business I was running.  No ABN, so to get this wonderful discount, could I give them my pension card number.  By this time I was getting a bit stroppy about how much information Telstra had but was asking to be verified and the pension number was the last straw. I yelled and was handed over to a supervisor who was also told that I do not give out my pension number or my credit card number over the phone.
The supervisor was tough, she kept going on about the wonderful discount if only I would hand over that number.  The yelling got louder on my end and I won by hanging up but I did say thank you first.
I thought about ringing Telstra and asking if there was a wonderful discount but with my luck I'd be straight through to the PSMCC.

There was a third mystery involving a deceased black bird under the apple tree. There are no cats around, I didn't think a possum would beat a bird, the ravens just scare them away so how did Blackie die?
I was watching the lorikeets in the apple tree this morning, it's right outside the back door, no more than the footpath away.  I only keep the tree and its wormy apples for the birds, keep it cut flat on the house side but let it run wild on the lawn side. They all crowd under it when it's screaming hot.  So, I'm watching the upside down bird munching away in the tree while under are pigeons, black birds and mynahs eating seed or bathing in the drinking water, little sods.  The up bird munches through a vital holding twig and down comes the apple and misses a pigeon by a bee's appendage. All the others took off for the rotary line but I think lucky was a bit wonky from the shockwave and just stood there looking at the apple (or possibly an avian Newton pondering gravity) while Lorikeet moved up to the next level apple.
So it's possible that's how Blackie was topped.


Andrew said...

I have had a call like that. I think it is a Telstra reseller. They have some information about your account, but not all. It wasn't a lie that I couldn't absorb all the details of the deal they were trying to sell me over the phone. I eventually told them to send me the details in the post and off course nothing arrived. Just remembered, one of the details they did not have was my address.

What an inglorious end for Blackie.

Elisabeth said...

Sad for Blackie but good for you, that you hung up. I'm doubtful of such offers. Why would someone want to give you - a stranger - something for nothing, even so-called Telstra. There must be a catch.

River said...

I'm wondering why you were yelling. Much better to just state your case calmly, then tell them to PO. Yelling does absolutely nothing good for the complexion or the blood pressure.
Telstra never gives anything away, so you were right to be suspicious, especially sinc ethe caller didn't even do enough research to know you don't run a business.

The Elephant's Child said...

Like Andrew I have developed the habit of asking them (and the lovely men who tell me that they are from Microsoft and my computor has a virus) to put it in writing and I will consider it. Nothing arrives and I don't need to stretch my brain cells.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I did the same, I asked for it in writing with my next account and I had trouble making out what the deal was as well.

Elisabeth, there's always a catch somewhere. At least the charity calls have dropped off.

River, the yelling came a long way into the conversation when I refused to give them my pension number and they wouldn't accept that. With my name, phone number, address, birthdate and pension number, you're looking at identity theft in the making. They insisted that I ran a business and used my phone for it so they needed my ABN for the discount.

EC, after a while you begin to wonder if they actually mentioned Telstra because your brain is going in circles trying to understand what it is they're offering.
And the Pizza place has a new number on their website, mine. I only have to hear the word pizza and I'm salivating.

R.H. said...

Birds just die of natural causes, I find them in the yard, once/twice a year.

I'm mad on pizza too. When you come here I'm shouting you to the new Arab place in Mason street -providing you don't order too much. If you do I'll jump up and run.

-Robert. OAM. (As of today)

JahTeh said...

I like thick crust pizza, none of this thin crust or putting it on pita bread but hold the peppers.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm with Andrew - always get them to send you something in the post. Usually they can't be arsed, so you're safe.

R.H. said...

Cinderella lost her slipper in Canberra yesterday. King Billy has it on a cushion. Will he be let in the Lodge to try it on her tootsies?
Cinderella fled the ball with Laughing Boy Abbott, labor and liberal, they took off together, when the mugs turn you know who your friends are (as if they didn't already). And how are the meatheads of Latte Street? What about this business of "empowering" the Abos, all those fat mammas dashing about? Next thing you know they'll wanting carrot cake.
Shock. Horror. Total debasement.

R.H. said...

Well I wouldn't piss on the Holy Croissant to upset these faux parisians, "people-watching" like cows stare at cars along a highway. How intelligent. But I do like to stroll among all the lollipop heads to show I'm not bald. They take a good look too, these shaven-headed casualties, knowing there can't be a merciful God.

Middle Child said...

Never ever give out details like that - if in doubt ask for their number and tell them you'll ring them back after you confirm their authenticity. That usually gets rid of the crooks. Then if you are happy to lost 40 mins of your life ring the real telstra or whoever and find out.

R.H. said...


Best Australia Day Ever.

GO ABOS!!!!!

R.H. said...

Hi, my name is Robert: homophobe, racist, misogynist, fare evader.

Peeping Tom too. (I was going to say ex but you never really stop.)

Murderess Trish Clarke turned up last night with two others. She sang "The very thought of you" without accompaniment, just started up while I was filling the kettle. She did it well too; a sultry pose; leaning out from the wall with a hand pressed against it, other hand on raised hip. She's become a "Goth". So I said to lovely Andrea do you know what a Goth is and she said yes. I said: you know what a Goth is??? and she said yes. I said: you look too innocent, and they all laughed. Murderess has black hair, black eye shadow, black clothes and black nails. I said why don't you paint your teeth black and they laughed again.
Well darlings what a turn, how intriguing, you're never too old to be surprised.

-Robert. PhD. OAM.

newman said...

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