Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You'll have to wait a bit..

I announce the arrival of a digital camera in the house.
This morning I photographed my first bird in the apple tree and it was a lorrikeet.
The second photo was much better when I discovered the telephoto lens and I could actually see the bird in the leaves scoffing an apple.
I managed to get the charger assembled, yes, only two parts but it took the best part of an hour to read instructions and follow.
I'm getting used to holding the camera still and not waving it all over the place but being short sighted I have to put my glasses on top of my head to see what I'm looking at through the view thingy.
Now I have a grand total of one image of mother and 3 images of a bird and 4 deleted of me.
I have to load the software so I can load the images and that should take about a month.
Honestly would it kill manufacturers to paint the teeny tiny icons in white so I can see what I'm supposed to do.
The camera is a lovely bright red so I can't lose it, unfortunately the mobile is also bright red so I can't lose it.  I do see some confusion in the future.
The salesperson was very helpful when I showed him my 7 year old mobile phone and told him I was still carrying the instructions and I wanted a camera for dummies. He put the battery and the memory card in the camera, very slowly so I could follow him.  That really was a help since I now can't figure out how to get the bottom open. I had enough trouble with the cover over the charging doover.

So I still have 12 exposures on the big camera from last year and I'll use them up for old times sake then store it with its instruction book which I started to read. Well who knew that odd little piece on the end of the plastic bit on the strap was to put in the hole on top to rewind the film. I just used to keep clicking until the film gave up and rewound itself.  11 years to find that out.  You could be waiting a long time for a digital post around here.


The Elephant's Child said...

My phone was bought in 2003 when the hospital needed to contact me at any time about my mother. It has no camera, neither can I connect to the internet with it. I can make and receive calls and texts, which is all I need.

I love my digital camera with a passion though (despite knowing that, since the instruction book is nearly 300 pages long I am not making the best use of it). Take fifty photos, delete 48. Works for me.

Andrew said...

You have joined one of those hook up sites haven't you? You need to put your photo on site.

JahTeh said...

EC, my phone has 3 games on it and it took me 4 years to find them and I still can't play them.
Reading the instructions, not my strong point since I'm dyslexic regarding instructions. I will now take 50 delete 48, how simple is that.

Andrew, I take a ghastly photo, double chin, wrinkles, fat everything. I can see that in the mirror every morning, who needs a photo. I couldn't think of anything worse than hooking up with someone exactly like me.

River said...

Congratultions on your purchase of------digital camera. That's probably the first thing you'll see when you read the instructions. Everything after that is written in code not meant for earthlings. Have fun. I'm sure you'll be great with it in no time at all. You've already taken several photos!
On my old camera, the little knob near the end of the strap is to open the battery compartment.

R.H. said...

Cut the cackle big woman you failed to read the instructions that came with hubby too.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, you are in such big trouble. What were you doing in my dream last night and what was in the gladstone bag you were guarding with your life and to top it off you were wearing the worst tie I have ever seen in my life. Bad enough you haunt the blogs now you're haunting dreams, no that would be nightmares. You were going to catch a train and it was dark. I can see a new tv drama...Underbelly, the getaway.

Of course the husband came with instructions but he didn't come with the software to listen.

River, I'm terrible with anything that requires more than one page of things to do. I didn't use my food processor for six months but I did manage the pie maker. And remember who set fire to the kettle sitting on a gas stove.

Ann O'Dyne said...

hang on to your 'old fashioned' mobile. I just bought a new one and there are no simple ones any more.
Too much stuff going on and it's all too small - I have to find my glasses just to answer the damn thing.
good luck
(I am not reading that blackbird stuff)
x x

R.H. said...

I was in your dream last night?
Never. And I have an alibi.

Underbelly is entertainment. Bullshit, in other words.

-Robert. OAM.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, you are so right. I paid $39 for mum's phone and I still can't make head nor tail of it. Mine makes calls and takes calls, sends messages and gets messages and has 4 games. If I'm bored I can play with the ring tones.

Robbert, it was you, somebody called your name and I didn't remember the dream until I saw your comment.

Middle Child said...

you are right paint the buttons with different colours, and make the print big on the instructions and make the opening bits accessible to us all not just five year olds with tiny fingies