Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My first photographs

 My Mother at the Home.
It's hard to reconcile this smiling face, 82 in 3 weeks, with the vicious old crone that made our lives miserable for three years.
The dessert of desserts. A double chocolate mousse cake covered with ganache but so light in texture it almost floated off the plate.  I was told the secret was in beating the egg whites to a stiff foam then adding to the chocolate mixture.  I could look at it for hours.
My first bird.
It was after I realised that using the telescopic button would bring it closer.
It was nice of him to pause the apple eating for this not so great shot.


The Elephant's Child said...

Great shots. I love the happy shot of your mother - and you are right she doesn't look like a harriden who could make your life hell.
The cake. Mmmmm the cake. It looked amazing and it shows tremendous self control that you photographed it before hooking into it.
I think the bird was a Rainbow Lorikeet.
I really dislike the two word word verification that blogger has just started. My fingers don't do it well. But the second word for you is lapidary which is v appropriate.

R.H. said...

Mother looking well.

She's led a clean life.

Andrew said...

What a sweet old lady. What a liar you have been about the kindly old soul.

You may say you could look at the cake for hours, but I bet you didn't.

River said...

Your photos are beautiful!
Your mum has such a lovely face, and now that I've seen the cake, I want some.
The lorikeet is very obliging, posing for you like that.
I'm glad you worked out how to upload your photos.

Marshall Stacks said...

the bird is a Rainbow Lorikeet. None around my area.
The GATEAU is a beautiful BGL disaster.
The vicious old crone has been cared for so meticulously by her daughter, that of course she is glowing.
snaps are terrific - keep 'em coming.
x x

JahTeh said...

Two words,EC? I haven't come across that yet but you can't trust goggle.
As for mother, it's amazing how well she looks on a truck load of morphine type painkiller. Doc Marvin watches all the time for any increase in pain as he knows the cancer will keep advancing and he wants to keep her comfortable.

Rh, when she looks bad then she really looks like death warmed over but I caught her on a good day. A clean life except for an excess of Pimm's at Christmas.

Andrew, I will keep this comment in case I need it for your 'mother' posts in the future.
That cake was a dream to eat but I did look at it for some minutes before the attack.

River, her twin sister is supposed to be coming down for their birthdays in March and as much as I'd love to photograph Aunt Selma's roadmap of a face compared to Mum's, I'm not going anywhere near her. The could use them in an advertisement, this one didn't drink, smoke or bake in the sun, this one did.

Stacks, usually I loathe chocolate cake especially mudcake but this was a mousse cake, so light and yum. Besides the main meal was so badly cooked it was a relief to eat dessert. Mother was no slouch, she had sticky date pudding with toffee custard and I couldn't have handled that.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

OH I want that cake pleeeeeeeeease!!! Yum. Nice pics, practice makes perfect, keep at it and you'll be surprised how much better you get. These are great for a starting point.

JahTeh said...

Fenstar, you know that you and I should not be looking at that cake let alone shovelling it down. But ooooh it was just so divine.

Middle Child said...

Your mum looks so much like my dad's sister Aunty Ruth used to look at the same age...its uncanny. Aunty Ruth is now 95 and in a nursing home over in Scone NSW

Jayne said...

What a gorgeous, happy mum you have!
You've got her disposition, beware BOH when J gets infirm!
Hope your back and Achilles are less painful, you wouldn't have been able to find a comfy possy any which way you turned.

I am to type two words, one of which is Hawthorn (I opt for the tree decorated with your gorgeous Rainbow Lorikeet not the AFL team) the other a froth of nonsense letters.

R.H. said...

Darlings I've had a very tough night, did my balls at bingo, advanced my suit with the bingo caller (no going back now) then home to the RH Temple of Extreme Thought to ponder morality. Sometimes I think I should just print pamphlets and scatter them them in the streets, sometimes I think I should do nothing at all. Then there's my thesis title: If I Loved You.
It's never a certainty.

Gerry said...

I agree with Andrew. Your mum is an angel. Recant while you still have here here with you. :-)

R.H. said...
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Kath Lockett said...

Nice shots and you're right, your mother looks as sweet as the cake in that picture!