Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They ain't heavy, they's my family

Well they're getting heavy now and I wished they'd leave before I'm in real trouble.
I feel like I've been carrying all of them on my back for six years. Now piss off.
I have a small tear in my Achille's Tendon and all the recommended 'get it better' stuff is not good for me.
So Doc Marvin is hedging his bets and hoping I won't do anything further to damage what's left.
I have to walk with a stick in my left hand and not trip on it.
I can use my 3 wheelie walker but try and get that on a bus that doesn't have the step lowered.
I have my foot in the air tied to the bed head to try and reduce the fluid. That works only so far as I found out tonight, if I leave it too long, the knee cap appears to drop.
So I've looked at online shopping for groceries.
BOH said he will drive me to the supermarket when it's not busy. I remind him that he has an expectant mother and baby to look after.  Hey, no sweat, it's not for five months yet.  
I may kill before he leaves here.  The EM is not much better.
Fortunately the foot doesn't hurt if I'm careful and watch what I'm doing, if I don't forget the stick or the wheelie walker.  If I don't trip over the mat at the door of Coles.  If no-one runs their trolley into the back of my leg at Safeway.  If I don't walk up stairs. How about if I don't walk at all and stay home and read books. Eric the mower is coming on Thursday and I intend to sit in a chair and yell instructions to him.

*I should not abuse the parents to be. I confess to leaving my child in his pusher outside the shops while I wandered home enjoying a quiet ice-cream and then remembering why it was so quiet. 


Elephant's Child said...

I am so so sorry. And in my experience bus drivers hate lowering the damn steps. And are far too good at lurching off when you are nearly inside or nearly seated.
Staying at home and reading with online groceries sounds pretty good.
And of course you can abuse the parents to be. How else would they know that you are concerned about their welfare.

Fen said...

online shopping FTW. Honestly, it's dead easy.

Andrew said...

My mother forgot about me went to a wedding and left me home alone. I survived, so perhaps you weren't such a bad mother.

River said...

Ha Ha, I once left #3 in her pram outside the newsagent and wandered for half a block before I remembered her.
Can you ask the bus driver to please lower the step? Or the wheelchair ramp if there is one? Over here if you ask the bus driver to please wait until you sit down, he will do that for you.
I hope the foot gets better soon, I know it will take time. As for waiting for the supermarket to not be busy, good luck with that! unless you want to go at opening time, before the hordes have finished their breakfast.

R.H. said...

Walking stick, nice pose. Fashion statement.

I'm thinking of affecting a cane, combined with a cravat.

What do you reckon?

JahTeh said...

EC, I also remember catching my rubber sole shoe on a rubber mat at Southland, my foot stayed but I went on and that was a wow of a pain that went all the way to the bum. I just stood still for about 5 minutes until it seemed okay to move. I'm now searching my diaries to find out when.

Fen, you're near Southland, any trouble with delivery?

Andrew, you didn't say how old you were?
You must have been such a placid child.

River, so glad I'm not alone.
Would you believe that this morning the taxi turned out to be a Maxi-Taxi? The driver said when I book to say not to send one but then they're likely not to send a cab at all.

Robbbert, Rochester wore expensive frothy lace cravats but I don't think it would go down too well these days and the cane must have a silver top, engraved with your initials.

Andrew said...

Only months old. I wasn't placid actually. ABI Brother was though. He just slept a lot, as he still does.

Middle Child said...

When it hurts it all hurts - hope it all eases sooner rather than later

iODyne said...

you left the pusher at the shops?
a classic!

Online marketing is the best thing.
I recommend it to everyone.
The driver said Monday and Friday are the busy days to avoid though.

Regarding the cuckoos in your nest: you are not doing them a kindness by enabling their helplessness.
You are not doing yourself any good either.
I predict posts where you are tripping on the baby equipment all through the house. I'd bet the ranch that poor infant will be screaming your house down through the night all winter.
Get earplugs now. X X X

(please feel welcome to delete my comment as I get deleted at CastIron Balcony when they don't like what they set themselves up for receiving)