Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm here hiding from IE8.

I still don't know what is going on with Internet Explorer and Google and why I've been locked out of Blogger for weeks.
So, GoogleChrome was downloaded again from FileHippo because I couldn't sign in to blogger from anywhere. It didn't matter because I can't sign in to Google Chrome either.
Firefox was still on the computer so download all updates and switch browsers.  Favourites still had blogs on it from five years ago and I still have to comprehend "synching" favourites from Internet Explorers.
One problem at a time.
I am blogging and I switched off the double word verification. Thank you Google for answering the numerous emails complaining about this.  Unfortunately I have to sign in as anonymous because signing in with my google leads to the IE8 message that it can't display the page.  So anonymous it is.

Mother is ill. Temperature was 38.5 this morning and she's pulled a muscle in her back which makes breathing very painful. Temp. came down to 37 this afternoon but it's the first time she's asked for the window to be opened for a cooling breeze. Usually she's very cold even on a hot day.  She didn't sound great so I pulled on the glad rags and reached out to call a cab when she rang to see if I'd come down.  I always know when she needs someone around.  Doc Marvin will call in tonight or tomorrow morning and I'll be back there on Wednesday.

Wednesday we start pricing all the white elephant goodies and hopefully it won't rain on Thursday.  I've covered 14 note books and diaries and would have finished with 6 covered boxes but I think I'll make do with 4.  I'd forgotten how long it takes to do one book let alone 14 of various sizes.

This Firefox takes a bit of getting used to but I did find a lovely green theme with little orange cats so the page pleases me but I'm still going along with IE8 until I can figure out how to import a very long list of sites even after culling a few dead ones along the way.

To Miss O'Dyne, I can't access any of your blogs, IE8 hates both of us.
To Antikva, thank you for trying to help the extremely computer illiterate. I still can't understand how I can be on the phone with you up country, me in Cheltenham but you roaming around in my computer telling me which buttons to press.  I've been to places in this computer that I didn't know existed.  Creepy little programs running in the background but fortunately no viruses but plenty of tracking cookies which are now languishing in the virus vault.

I was wondering why I hadn't had any accounts from Mum's pharmacy for this year, Gmail decided they were all spam and chucked them in the bin along with and a load of delicious cakes. The worst thing that ever happened to our was Google taking over. If I wanted a facebook type blog I'd be on facebook so stick that up your little netcrawlers looking for illicit mentioning of your Google name.


River said...

Internet Explorer is crazy. I get a little window popping up after a few hours saying Internet Explorer has stopped working. I just close that down and continue what I'm doing, so clearly things are still working. I'm staying away from Google Chrome, I've read all about how unhappy people are once they've switched to that.
I clear my tracking cookies every week and take a look at my spam mail the same day, just in case something important gets shoved in there by mistake, like the electricity bill just over a year ago.
I hope your White Elephant stall makes heaps of cash and that your mum gets better quickly. There's not much worse than pain when breathing.

How are you, yourself? Knees holding up okay?

Ro said...

I use Firefox all the time, IE is too precious about some regular sites and all too happy to open bad 'uns.
Hope you're back in Blogsville for good!

Lord Sedgwick said...

I'm here hiding from IE8.

Be that as it may, but you can't hide from me. That's my tall step ladder outside your shower window.

R.H. said...

Hello wide woman. I'm so glad to see the Publish Your Comment button is back.

I'm having tests done on my eyes, I might need an eye operation. Today I sat in a darkened room with a specialist, she wasn;t bad looking but nothing warranting close investigation. She shone a strong light in my eye, our faces a few inches aoart, I had to stop myself giving her a friendly little kiss. I even thought she might make the first move. Really. it was a situation of overwhelming

I don't know how, I don't know why, but women are 50% of my waking life. Dogs are the other half.

Kath said...

I hear you, I do - if it wasn't for Love Chunks I'd have cracked up and logged off forever a few months ago.

For what it's worth, it's nice to see you back.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

ooh computers and technology can be so damn frustrating. I'll pop over and kick it for you, you can't be too far from my house!

The Elephant's Child said...

Glad to see you back. Really, really hope that you and your mother are OK.

R.H. said...

Fifteen years ago I was warned by a doctor that I had high blood pressure. He asked if I was getting tablets for it. I said no, and I haven't been to a doctor since. Turns out the high blood pressure has now caused bleeding inside my right eye.
Injections into the eyeball are costing $585.00 each. The first took place last Tuesday and two more are scheduled over the next eight weeks (four weeks apart). How's that.
Meantime I've been to a local quack for the blood pressure, and what a sight; he looks like Mick Jagger and dresses same way, swoon hoon for the local lady patients and there's quite a few, packed house in fact.
This whole shebang will cuff me around $2,000; Vision Eye Clinic. It's better than losing an eye of course and money is a distraction anyway, a bullshit making it easy to kill people.
Well you need two eyes, but what this has done has put the happy notion in my head of wearing a black eye-patch. Which fits nicely with my longtime plan to sail up the river to southbank flying the skull and crossbones. And we will do it, me and my monkey, letting all the shitbags along there know what I think of them: slaves, puppets. What a joke. Corpses already.

R.H. said...

Dr Roydhouse put a needle in my eyeball, then he injected something into it, that's when it hurt; the anasthetic drops put in beforehand couldn't cope. Dr Roydhouse is a vigneron, gourmet, and plays the trombone.

R.H. said...

Later with my eye taped over I stood out on the footpath in Paisley Street while the Chairman of the Werribee Long Table, carrying $20,000 cash in a little bag slung under his shoulder like a gun holster, took my photo.

Middle Child said...

I hope your Mum is better soon and glad to see you back I was wondering

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh Coppy - hang in there. Nothing happening at any of my blogs for you to miss. The Ides of March indeed.

JahTeh said...

River, not the knees now but a leg muscle that feels like it's tearing itself in half.

Ro, I was happy with IE8 but it's gone totally off the rails. It's been a tense learning curve, I needed a six year old to help me. And laugh, Antikva told me to get a notebook to go with the desktop, like I really need to be pushed over the edge with something new.

Sedgwick, I'd believe you since I've seen the family crest, ladders rampant over binoculars.

Kath, that would have been a disaster for us and when do you start up the Swiss choc blog?

Fen, I'm not that far from you but do you cope well with computer meltdowns as well as family induced nervous breaks?

EC, I hope you are taking time for yourself, knowing what you're in for and a sister-in-law as well.

Robbert, I can't ever think of having a needle anywhere near my eyes or my toes.
I hope the patch was black, very Tyrone Power.

Therese, she's just had the flu vac and never remembers that she feels crook for a few days and she's just rung to say she feels better.

Miss O'Dyne, March is done and April better be a lot more fun. The footy season crap has started but I have 4 seasons of 'Angel' to watch and 5 years of Babylon 5.

River said...

@R.H. I can't help thinking that taking tablets for the blood pressure would have been far easier than now having to get the eye injected. Ugh!

R.H. said...

Cheaper too.