Sunday, April 01, 2012

White Elephant successful

The top image which I can't be bothered writing underneath because I'm lucky I got this far without a meltdown is mine from the White Elephant sale.  Handpainted gold on a bisque finish but I'd say a Chinese knock-off since there are no markings but really nice and I fell for it as soon as I saw it.

And here we have Mother who came out to supervise the selling while having lunch.  Her head was getting a bit sunburnt so I plonked a black straw hat on it and she ended up looking like Darth Mother.  She threatened me if I dared put it on the blog.  You can see by the blue sky what a fantastic day it was and even though we only had about 25 people buying, the total for the day was $438 but another $150 was due from the staff  so we did rather well.  Nothing was priced higher than $10, mostly $1 to $5 so I'm at a loss at how I managed to spend $60.  8 pairs of sunglasses for my sister and she still hasn't rung to say she liked them or sent me the $20.  Numerous kitchen (new) odments for the happy couple who still haven't found a bloody place to live yet.  Nobody wanted the cookbooks and 2 were right for me and 2 for River's kitchen. Sending soon River, promise. I really wanted to give you the little book of muffins and slices but it was too, too delicious to let go.  I'll probably never bake them but just looking is sometimes enough.

Firefox is still bamboozling me but is giving Antikva hours of hilarity at my incompetency despite her week long migraine probably caused by my pathetic emails.  The only thing I like is the row of little orange cats as icons, cheery, while I sob about the other stuff.  If I could just figure out how to get google images I'll be happy and importing bookmarks went well except I'm not used to everything being in alphabetical order. I don't do the alphabet very well, tend to get lost around m or n.

I see there's quite a few comments on the last post so I guess that Lord Rochester has been composing more of his memoirs.

River, I feel so guilty about that muffin book.  If only you baked and delivered by mail, I'd send it immediately but then I'd feel terrible that our Kath would miss out on the chocolate ones. Sometimes I wish I was a cold hearted bitch, it would make life so much easier. 


Andrew said...

Somehow I don't think it will be this simple, but if you go to , add .au, if you want, there is a tab to click on for images.

PS, I thought that photo was of you.

River said...

2 cookbooks for me???
You're so sweet!
And please don't feel at all guilty about the muffin one, just post a photo of it on your blog so I can see the title and author and I'll track down my own copy.

I'm glad the White Elephant sale went so well and I LOVE that urn you bought.
Why does your sister need eight pairs of sunglasses?

Ann O'Dyne said...

no marks does not mean it's a knock-off. I am looking at a genuine English porcelain 1840 tea cup and saucer with no marks at all.

a yard sale is a great way to meet-the-street.

JahTeh said...

Rotter, Andrew, I hope your new bed is lumpy. Found images just not in the same place as I usually find them. I'm finding my way around slowly.

River, it's actually 3 cook books. I don't cook, I like looking at the photos.
That urn is gorgeous but I can't put it where I want to until I re-arrange things.

Annie O, one little old dear trollyed her way across from the assisted living place, took one look at the clothes for a dollar, went back for the gang on wheels and they had a great time.

Kath said...

Don't worry about me, dear Coppy. Easter time means that BLOCKS of chocolate are really cheap, so I'm grand!

R.H. said...

I find some things pretty but usually can't distinguish between a two-dollar shop vase and another worth thousands.

I thought that was you in the wheelchair as well.

Middle Child said...

What a beautiful ornament! I no longer use kids told me to download Chrome (google) - as it has less issues. I kept firefox just in case...but if you feel adventurous try chrome its quicker 9hope you don't bugger up what you have by following my advice!)

JahTeh said...

Kath, whole blocks? Oh to be in Geneva now that Easter's here! I'll wait until after Sunday when the pharmacy round the corner always drops the price of their Darryl Lea rocky road eggs.

A whack in the earhole for you too Robbert. I can't tell if something is really good, I just like what I like.

I tried Chrome, Therese, but we didn't seem to click and besides (don't you laugh Antikva) I love my little orange cats along the tool bar.