Wednesday, April 04, 2012

And here's one I prepared earlier...

I was supposed to post this before the merde hit the windfarm and it was worth posting.  On the menu it was sticky date pudding and pudding usually means heavy but this was like sticky date sponge. The sauce was toffee caramel with ice-cream and vanilla/cinnamon cream.  Every time this comes up on my screen saver I drool.  Mother wants to know if they do take-out.  She's decided not to go on any more trips by bus or have us wheel her any further than the park around the corner which I am pleased about.  She is more frail than she appears and I wouldn't mind carting a couple of these desserts down to the park.

I saw Doc Marvin yesterday and copped a mild lecture on thinking that everything that goes wrong with me is due to stress except for the blood pressure, up enough to power a rocket for NASA.  Despite leaving a note that no flowers are to be left near Mother, countless bunches came in for her birthday and while I was hauling the pollen laden allergens away from her, I caught pollen on my face.  Nothing came up on the skin, no itching but the sneaky little globules got in under my eyelid and into the sinuses.  So the eyelid is inflamed, the eyeball feels like it's being pushed out to sea, the bones around the brow and cheek are infected from the sinus cavity.
On the other foot, the tear in the Achille's tendon seems to have healed itself, go me!  
Now I have extra blood pressure tablets, sinus spray and eye drops.  Hopefully the morning nausea will now stop and I'll be able to open my eye straight away instead of waiting 5 minutes for it to unglue.

I have not bought an Easter egg or chocolates but compensated by buying hot cross buns and butter for Sunday brunch.  The expectant family is supposed to be going away to see his other grandmother who is loopier than the one he has here.  I will cheer for the freedom of a whole 2 days and 1 night but not until the car is out of sight. 


The Elephant's Child said...

Oh drool. Two whle days and a night sans people.
The sticky date sounds pretty good too.

River said...

That dessert looks wonderful and I think you should go there immediately, (or tomorrow ) and ask about takeout. Think how delicious it would taste sitting in a park with your mum. You'll have to take a mini cooler bag so the icecream doesn't melt.
Ouch on the pollen disaster! Next time ask the nurses to take the flowers away?
I hope the car gets away without a hitch, leaving you free for two whole days.

Andrew said...

Hmmm, butter on hot cross buns. Proper high fat milk and salty butter

Kath said...

The sauce on that plate. I want it!

Happy Easter, Coppy - do you know that hot cross buns don't exist here in Switzerland? Sapphire and I are going to attempt to make them from scratch.

Anonymous said...

ooh looks delicious!!


JahTeh said...

EC, it was out of this world, the taste of date, ice-cream, cream and cinnamon was in perfect balance. I had a salad for the main. This place also makes the best citrus tart ever and don't get me started on the pancake stack. When Mother was being particularly vile at home, I would catch the bus, sail past her street to Mentone, eat here and catch the bus back.

River, I bought for $1, a brand new tiny chill bag at the white elephant which will take two of theses and two cappucinos or ice coffee. They make fabulous ice coffee here.

Andrew, I am looking forward to Sunday morning. There's nothing to top butter on buns or scones but at least the other stuff is so horrible it stops me eating bread and jam for lunch.

Kath, the sauce was heaven, toffee and caramelly but not too sweet.
No hot cross buns? I thought Geneva was civilised. You and Sapph will have so much fun making them, the only hard part is the yeast. I can only hope they have dried yeast in the grocery aisle.

Fen, I'm sorry I posted this, with your liver problems because this eatery is only about 10 minutes away from you.
"Truly Scrumptious" in Mentone off Balcombe Road just before Safeway but they shut for Easter.

Marshall Stacks said...

this whole post is Culinary P0rnography dear Coppy. food-p0rn.

wishing everyone a safe and Holy Easter.

R.H. said...

The Anglican Archbishop has taken a swing at the banks, the mining section. What a surprise: the church finding the guts to do its job. Happy Easter to all my lovelies.

Middle Child said...

Not as big a sweetie eater as i once was but that desert looks beautiful - also have heaps of meds for BP nothing would get it down till i finally went to a Hypertension and kidney specialilst in PM and he gave me a tablet called Zanidip told me to get it on the way home that evening and take it or he might see me in the stroke ward. It shifted the BP - take care with yours - I have don's BP machine and was taking it regularly as the GP was useless and wouldn't take me seriously till one day I couldn't remember who i was and where i i demanded to see someone better Ended up in A&E think i had a TIA - take it seriously okay caus it can do irreparable kidney damage if let go. you want to be around for when you do win the lottery

JahTeh said...

Stacks, you can't put weight on by just looking or wishing.

Robbert, refreshing to see them get stuck in, now let's see them dish out a bit of loot from Rome.

MC, I have a great doctor, full confidence which is not easy to say these days of money making multi-clinics.

R.H. said...

Rome dishes out plenty. If you want an overcoat go to the Brotherhood of St Lawrence, no charge. George Pell was on TV tonight. What a genius.
How come queer marriage gets mentioned every week on that show? Give it a rest, zombies!