Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm still breathing and sniffing and coughing.

Damn virus seems to have embedded itself in my DNA much like the malware which is still haunting the rootkit defying all attempts to dislodge it from the computer.
I was okay yesterday but today the squeak is back in my lung and the headache is warming up at the back of my eyes.
I haven't seen the baby yet nor has anyone sent photos via email.  Stupid iphones that take photos, doesn't do me any good unless I receive one or two via computer.  I am still waiting for the chipboard and mattress to be removed so I can get into that room and fold up the sofa then I can pack up the rest of his clothes and shut the door on the last two years.  Mind you, his habit of dropping change anywhere near the bed was handy if I only had large notes for the taxi fare, a bit of scrabbling around and I could usually count on 5 dollars in hand.
I've tried shopping on line again but it's not really working for me. Okay for when I don't feel well like the last three weeks but I'm still off to Southland tomorrow for bits and pieces. There's no provision for ordering one of something, like one carrot and last time I ended up with 10 tomatoes and 5 zucchini and how do I get across that I only need a really tiny piece of pumpkin.  I have a feeling that two bags that arrived this morning were not mine, I didn't order two bottles of White King toilet cleaner nor stir fry vegetables, stir fry Chinese greens, yes and they were on the delivery list.  And I do like my bread to be square not squashed into several different shapes which I have to straighten out before it goes in the freezer.
I've also had three phone calls asking for my ex-husband.  I didn't bother to ask what they wanted except for the one this morning.  Terrific, I'm really going to put my trust in Origin power when they don't know the real owner of the house and they want to speak to the man of the house instead of the woman answering the call.
I really think that this time I was entitled to tell them to piss off.
I am reading blogs but commenting needs a full brain and mine's off somewhere waiting for spring. I'm also reading books but biographies make me feel inadequate and television seems to have nothing but "fat people are killing the earth" stuff on but I am waiting for the finale of Masterchef to see who gets the gong. I watch it because all that hard work makes me to lazy to cook anything beyond toast and vegemite or boiled eggs.
Not watching the Olympics either.
Not eating chocolate, can't taste it.  
Chocolate eclair, two weeks ago was delicious. I'm living on the memory of it.


The Elephant's Child said...

Oh. Soooo sorry. We need you back, hale, hearty and feisty.
And yes, anyone who wants the 'man of the house' doesn't want my business.
Can't taste chocolate? That is a truly serious bug. Werther's Originals?
I hope your brain returns to you soon. Sending many, many good wishes.

R.H. said...

I was over your way today, thought of popping in for a spot of afternoon tea.
Lucky I didn't, seems there's nothing in the place.
Really, I can't stand people with no food to offer visitors.
Wake up to yourself, because you won't eat don't mean the whole world is on a bloody diet!!!

River said...

You have a squeak in your lung? I have one in my windpipe, (can't spell oesophagus), but only when I'm lying down and only on the exhale. Sorry to hear the virus is hanging on like this, if only you could just give it a good boot up the backside and send it running.
Grocery shopping online is never as good as "they" say it will be, they always substitute the most important ingerdient.
No photos of the baby yet? Shame on them. How hard is it to put one or two in the mail.

Kath Lockett said...

Sorry to hear you're still so very crook, Coppy.

Unable to taste chocolate *and* avoiding the Olympics.....? WATCHING the Games whilst SCOFFING CHOCOLATE is mandatory, isn't it?

Get well soon

Anonymous said...

google 'neti pot'. flushing your sinuses might help the headache.

JahTeh said...

EC, you have more trouble on your plate than I do so sending back the good wishes with bows on.

Robbert, I'd have whipped out the cauldron and made you some eye of newt soup and maybe a scone or two.

River, online shopping is okay if you really can't get out but I feel like I'm removing your job. It's like I'm killing a checkout fairy every time I do it. I get to see the baby tomorrow and the camera is charged and waiting.

Kath, absolutely hate watching the Olympics unless I turn the sound right down and can't hear the jingoistic rubbish from commentators.
I wandered down the chocolate aisle today and nothing grabbed me by the tongue and said 'eat me'. I'm shocked by this, absolutely shocked.

Thank you anon but I use a product called "Fess" which is a saline solution for flushing out sinus cavities and really works.

Anonymous said...

River you were correct of course.

Coppy 'man of the house' ?
sounds like all houses come with a man, like with a HWS, or ducted vac system. you were right to flick them off.

I am sorry you still have these aggravations, but all will be Springtime and sunshine soon.
Bisolvon® Chesty. Tablets. Bromhexine hydrochloride.
it works. X X Annie O'D

R.H. said...
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Helen said...

Sorry to hear you're still crook Witchy! Hope it goes away soon, but I know these things often go on and on.