Sunday, July 15, 2012

Damn virus.

I am sick of running eyes, clogged up running nose, sneezes that could power a jet engine, coughing up bits of lung and headaches. 
Mind you I have developed a rapid response reflex with my thigh muscles when I feel a sneeze coming on otherwise it would be Depends time.
The damn virus has entrenched itself like the stinking bit of malware that is still hiding in a rootkit in the middle of the computer. I keep killing off bits of it so the malware tells me but it must regenerate overnight, much like this rotten cold.
This is the first time I've been able to sit at the computer without wanting to fall off the chair. Actually my chair by the fire is the place where I've done most of my sleeping and coughing.
The little mother finally left hospital today and the BOH has gone over to stay with her.  They kept the baby in because he wasn't feeding well but he's got the hang of it now. I'm waiting on photos to post of something that is only 43 centimetres long and my computer monitor is longer than that. I can't remember them being so small.
Anyway there seems to be some movement on the house front, thank goodness.
Poor me, I can't go to see mother until I feel this virus is gone, about two months should do it.
I still say Werther's Original toffees are the best for the throat followed by Fisherman's Friend.  And if you do buy the FF, read the packet because now they have a ziplock top, found that out after hacking at it with the scissors at the wrong end.
And just to liven things up, the new smartmeter is in and I can't understand a word of the instructions.  The gum tree across the street has busted up the watermains again and this time the stupid Council should take it down.  It's the third time it's happened but they keep insisting it's a tree of note and is on the register. The electricity choppers keep taking out the centre away from the lines but it just means the branches are growing across the road my way and across the inground pool the other way.  A bit of common sense would be nice but we are dealing with the local council here.
It's like trying to deal with a virus, you get nowhere fast.


River said...

Bloody viruses!! Please don't infect my computer with your virus....ha ha, that's like an old lady I used to know, she lived next door when I was a teenager, and if she had to answer her phone when she had a cold she'd cover the mouthpiece with her hanky so the person on the other end wouldn't catch it.
Anyway, glad to hear there's movement on the housing front and glad too that baby has a name.
I read the previous post comments and saw that most of you prefer older babies, those that can talk at least.
I like the newborns. Love them. I lie them older too, but newborns just have something.....I love them.
I hope the virus clears up quickly now that you're able to get about a bit, but keep resting a lot too.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh River I love it. you couldn't make it up. But so sweetly considerate, unlike the hankie-free twits who sneeze on buses and trams and fill the air with their microbes.
I feel sorry for all babies having a bad time - pushed along with the sun in their eyes and no view of mum; energetically rocked when they cry, instead of calming them they just chuck up lunch, their kidneys exposed to the steel of supermarket trolleys because mum hasn't pulled their singlet down when plonking them in the seat, oh etc etc.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

There's instructions with smart meters? I got nothing, just a shiny new addition that I have no idea about!

Davoh said...

mm, dunno about 'microscopic' .. buuut, apart from the 'weather' ..
- attitudes around hereabouts are very "chilly".

Must be something that have done - or not done.

Is it contagious?

JahTeh said...

River, it is the worst cold I've had in years and still going.
I like them when they can tell you what's wrong instead of having to guess why they're screaming.

I'm with you Annie O. I hate to see those damn 3 wheel prams with Mum behind belting along getting her exercise but not looking at bumps in footpaths or seeing cars coming out of driveways.

Fen, I was given two slips of cardboard telling me how to read the stupid meter but I'm not even looking at it let alone touching it.

Davoh, out of hibernation? These days everything is contagious including twitter, youtube and facebook where stupidity instantly goes viral.

Lord Sedgwick said...

'Fisherman's Friend is a brand of strong menthol lozenges produced by Lofthouse company in Fleetwood'

Home of our Brian.

Kath Lockett said...

I hope you get better soon - I've been in Depends-territory with too many sneezes myself!

And dare I admit that I eat FFs for fun?

R.H. said...

I LOVE babies, they stare at me, big eyes, and they're thinking "Who's that!"

JahTeh said...

MiLord, FF hasn't been the same since they took out the capsicum. That really made your nose water.

Kath, you're kidding! Health nuts tell us that sneezing is the body's way of getting rid of the germs, leaving them homeless which is why they search out the nearest nose to colonise.

Robbert, are you sure it isn't "OMG, what's that?"

R.H. said...


R.H. said...
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R.H. said...
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