Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sick, real sick not 'fully sick'

Mother has been very generous with her germs.  My chest refuses to breathe properly and someone has poured broken glass down my throat. Every arthritic part of me is hurting.

And we are still waiting on the baby to arrive.  Little mother was supposed to be induced yesterday but it was cancelled because there were too many babies in the nursery.  It is now on the agenda for this afternoon.

They are still homeless and what did I say back in January?  No landlord is going to rent to a pregnant unmarried female on a pension.  Now her parents are running round looking for homes for them.
I could cheerfully beat the lot of them with a fence post...and laugh.....hysterically.

Now going to have honey in hot water, no lemon juice, it hurts too much.   And diabetic or not, I can live on tea and toast with vegemite.  And while Miss O'Dyne swears by vinegar and salt crisps to kill germs, it is a shop too far to walk to. 

I will be back sometime with news.


River said...

The lemon juice won't be so bad if you add more honey. Do you have apple cider vinegar? Add that to your hot water and honey. I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest. I really hope the new parents find a home soon.

Jayne said...

Buggery, hope you shake this nasty soon, and that your mum is way better, too.
As for the blessed miracle...don't tell them that a drawer from your craft room can double as a cot.

Marshall Stacks said...

oh Jayne I would hope they have a cot by now. The Camberwell Salvos absolutely specialise in baby equipment so it's not costly. Decades before they did, I put my daughter in a cardboard box picked up at the supermarket on the way home from the maternity hospital.
Dear Coppy you must string out this virus for weeks so that they do not bring infant near you. Use it as your excuse to just veg-out under a rug and ignore all pressure on you to be everyone's helper. X X

Kath Lockett said...

Her parents are looking for a home for them - why don't THEY house them?

R.H. said...

I can't follow this, if they both have parents with houses how come they're homeless?
That salvo store is next to Camberwell trash market, one morning I was having a piss at the back of the place and halfway through realised I was pissing on the donations. I kept going of course. And it gave me a laugh. I really can't tell you how much I hate those bastards.

JahTeh said...

River, I went out and picked fresh oranges off the tree this morning so Vitamin C coming up.

Jayne, One lodger is enough, I don't do families. I'm not maternal where babies are concerned, they terrify me.

Stacks, don't worry this will be the longest virus illness in history. She has all the baby equipment and he did buy the best baby seat which goes up to four years old.

Kath, she lives in a bungalow in their backyard so I guess that's where she'll be taking him/her after hospital.
I'm crazy but I'm saner than both lots of parents. My sister only spoke to the other grandmother to be, once in the last 6 months.

Rh, my sister has a lodger (non-sexual arrangement) and see above comment. As for me, well, I'm the innkeeper who's looking for a stable and a donkey.

Middle Child said...

Be nice to have someone to do it all for you - same here I dread getting sick because sometimes feel so bad I haven't got the energy to get water...but I have to...