Thursday, July 05, 2012

I hate July.

It's only the 5th day.
My Mother is very ill with lung rot which came up in 24 hours.
The expectant mother is in hospital with pre-eclampsia.
The expectant father is falling apart at the seams.
My sister is still telling me that everything will come right.

I just hope the pub doesn't burn down and crash the pokies.

And there was fog this morning and 4.6 temperature.


River said...

Lung rot?? oh dear, I hope she feels better soon.
I've heard of pre-eclampsia, it used to be called toxaemia, my step-sister had it with her first baby and spent the final week in hospital before a very tiny baby boy was born.

Kath Lockett said...

Cake. Lots of cake.....

JahTeh said...

River, I'm at the computer with landline and mobile phone at the ready. My sister was seeing her this morning and I'll go tomorrow. She was fine on Tuesday but everything hits her quickly these days.
As for the other, I can see a C-section in a week or two if it isn't under control.

Kath, White chocolate and macadamia fresh baked cookies. I am disappointed with San Churro, they've gone mad with silly macarons instead of great slabs of lemon meringue pie. It's like expecting Maggie Tabberer and getting Lara Bingle.

Jayne said...

Best wishes for your Mum, J xxx.
I second Kath's prescription and add in chocolate.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, first bit of luck this week, I found 6 forgotten Werther's originals in my desk drawer. They were heavenly.

R.H. said...

I went to Laverton trash market at 7am Saturday and it was minus four degrees. It said so on the radio before we left. And I forgot my gloves, left them on the kitchen table. After just a few minutes of walking around there my hands started to freeze, I put them in my consort's coat pockets and she thought I was after her money. How's that.
Greetings to mother, wishing her well, always.