Sunday, August 19, 2012

Round in circles

That's what it feels like at the moment and I know superhouseworkers would laugh at my methods but there is a pattern to this.
Question one was do I take up where I left off two years ago in the sewing room or do I try to jam twice as much in the lace cupboard?  One look in there at the one shelf dedicated to patchwork fabric and one look at what had to go in now and I had my mind made up for me.
So I've been sitting and cutting with some success.  5 bags down to 2 is good, even better is one large garbage bag full of little scraps of no use.  This all came from Mum's and was lovely cotton but not enough to make something big but enough to cut into squares for scrap quilts. Hard core quilters look away now, if the square didn't fit one way then I cut it on the bias, a real no-no in the quilt world but not in mine.
I must digress here for a moment. I walked past a resident at the home last week and thought how bright and cheery he looked with his rug and realised it was the rug I'd crocheted for my mother-in-law 35 years ago. I had taken out the cigarette burned squares and turned it into two smaller sizes but it looked great. So who cares if a few material bits are on the bias, with my sewing it matters not.

On top of the to-do pile and it might not be soon is something special for Andrew but it looks like I might miss the birthday deadline.  Never mind, by the time it's finished he'll be the bright spot at the retirement village.  I have 3 quilts to finish but first remove the TV from the old treadle machine which is the only thing heavy enough to take a 50 year old all steel machine.  The sewing table on wheels is okay for the 30 year plastic one.  Both of which I had repaired, oiled and reconditioned ready for use, you guessed it, two years ago.

Other genius things I have done this week.  Worked out that if I put the cupboard that I am doing up, which won't get in the sewing room for years because BOH and the little mother have to find a place to live, in the middle of the carport then I can put the chipboard from the sofa bed on top of that and I will have a work bench. That's after I remove the nuts, bolts, spanners and his riding boots off the top of it.  I swear every time he couldn't find a screwdriver he went and bought another set.  And he was amazed that I managed to get the mattress and chipboard upright. "How did you do that?", the knowledge that he wouldn't get around to helping me for another two years.  Same thing about the drawer that is taking the place of the cupboard. I plan first. I knew the lid came off, chipboard, and the drawer came out, leaving the framework of good Ash and I just carried them all to the carport.  Mind you it wouldn't be outside in the weather if a certain ex had had enough brains to ask the carpenter for a solid wood lid on what was the bottom of a huge wardrobe that his grandfather had made as part of his apprenticeship at the end of the 19th century.  Sorry, off track again but I do have the dressing table that went with it and M-in-L told me never to give it to him. The old boy made the cupboard sideboard as well.

After that I swept the dirt, dust and long hair off the carpet in that room.  Lovely rose colour carpet but it's a magnet for things that stick like cotton threads and long hair and even the Hoover can't suck it up.  While I had a broom in my hand (shut up it's been a long time) I did over the kitchen floor, thinking how much space there was now that the baby change table and drawers were gone.  "Light bulb" and I was dragging all the things I'd bought for them that had been living under the dining table forever including enormous box of dinner setting for 8 and now I don't have space in the kitchen but I do have space for my feet when I'm working at the dining table.

And after all that,  the house still looks like a bomb went off.

I really must do something about the fly and spider graveyard behind my bedside table.


Ann O'Dyne said...

oh dear Coppy, I have no words. possibly Bravo! if I was not overwhelmed. X X

Andrew said...

I'm afraid, very afraid.

The Elephant's Child said...

Busy, busy, busy. I am in awe. And I love that you are slowly managing to reclaim your home.

River said...

Now you've made me feel guilty about not getting my machine fixed yet and I haven't swept my floor in almost two weeks.
But isn't it nice to have space for your feet under the table?

JahTeh said...

Annie O, it is taking time but the house will be mine again. I even have room in the freezer for ice cubes for the summer gin.

Andrew, no need to worry, I'm knitting you a libido. Would you like it in ravish me red or treat me gently blue?

EC, my sister is a tidier that is stuff everything in a cupboard and the house is clean. I'm completely the opposite, if the cupboard aren't in order then I can't rest even if the house looks like it's been done over by marauding hordes.

River, two weeks, try two years. I never thought I'd look forward to using a Hoover. As for the dust, I'm glad I went to the trouble of making runners for the Queen Anne furniture, now it's just a flip and shake the dust.
Plenty of room under the table but you should see what's on top. I'm too bashful to take a photo.

R.H. said...

Hi, I can't wade through all this, it's worse than Miz Panz stuff, what have you been eating, you sound constipated.

R.H. said...

Hi, this is Robert, back from the tropics. I fly Tiger Airways and stay at Cairns Heritage Hotel. I drive a Budget rental car. I dine at Byblos cafe, corner of Sheridan and Minnie streets. Mine host is a double for Fred Mercury. He hails me as I wander past, 7:30 am. An hour later I dine there, with consort as a statement.

Oh my little darlings; don't be deceived; laughter is okay, but travel is the best medicine.

R.H. said...

Fred is a Muslim; I heard him mention Ramadan. His waitress is wild, bra straps showing. "He's a queer," she said, meaning Fred.

How forthright they are, the birdies of Queensland.

-Best bacon and eggs in Australia: Byblos Cafe, Cairns, Queensland.


Andrew said...

'Would you like it in ravish me red or treat me gently blue?' Both, reversible please.

JahTeh said...

Bloody Robbert, I'm not constipated, I'm exhausted. I need a holiday, a few hours at the pub with a gin and tonic should do it.

Andrew, no problems, who'd thought you'd be so versatile.

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