Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stormy weather

We just had a deluge here with water coming over the spouting like Niagra Falls and now completely gone.
Don't you just love Melbourne.
I am in the middle of trying to do 2 years housework in 2 months in case of worst case scenerio like hospital.
I went to see Doc Marvin yesterday.
A handful of scripts and a puffer for trying to rid my lungs of left-over virus and I was ready to leave when I mentioned the burning under the skin of my hands, the right one is much worse than the left.
He turned over the hand and I have a very bad carpal tunnel going on.  The burning is nerve pain and I have a flat spot at the base of my thumb where the muscle should be.  It has wasted away and that why it's easier to lever off the top of the vegemite with a screwdriver instead of unscrewing the lid.  It's why I can't hold a book, peel potatoes, pull out weeds and get the lid off the gin bottle, all of which I tried on Monday. Glorious Monday, sunshine and me in the garden at 9.30 trying to pull weeds.
So now I have to go to some specialist to find out how bad the nerves have deteriorated and whether muscle therapy will help or it's day surgery to fix the problem.
I don't care if it's half hour surgery, it's hospital and I swore I'd never go back.
He said they'd put my arm to sleep, no general knock-out.
Ah, there must have been a look on my face, he also said they could give me enough happy pills to stop any anxiety and panic. 
I'm telling you there aren't enough happy pills to stop me being anxious and having a humongous panic attack even if I can't feel anything in my arm.

Pain is my friend as I try to clean up the bear pit of the lodger.  I managed to stand the mattress upright then the chipboard, forgetting to lean the chipboard and the whole lot started towards me and I'd have been flat on the steel frame but I fought valiantly and won.  OMG, what was underneath that bed.  Socks, a jacket he thought he'd lost, dust, his hair, 8 of my plates and bowls and cutlery and 3 tea towells. 
I brushed down the sofa bed and folded it all up, then I unfolded it and put in the bloody mattress then I folded it up.
I looked in the fabric cupboard for the first time in two years and started to put away all the latest patchwork fabric. Ouchie and more ouchie, pain in hand, burning, pain up arm and all from folding fabric.  
Looks like I bite the bullet and make the appointment as soon as possible. Damnfeckdamn.

On a good note, I've seen the baby.  He is a sweetie, lovely shaped little head, long fingers, ideal for a pianist or a pickpocket, chicken legs and long feet.  They seem to be coping quite well and Doc Marvin is the only doctor they want for him. I think the Doc was quite chuffed at that.

I have mother all squared away.  I took all her little boxes off her and tore them up.  She now has 6 large boxes and believe me that's downsizing for ma. I brought all the spare cards and paper home and she only gets back what she uses. Bad enough doing my housework without doing hers. 
And sister, yeah, great help.  Couldn't care a fig, more or less said suck it up and this after two years of me having her kid here, rent free.  Now you see why I buy her birthday present in January because by September we are rarely on speaking terms.

And what's really killing me is the two parcels that arrived from America this week containing my new glass paints and glossies. I was going to get started on my painted canisters (moccona coffee jars) and wine glasses and candle holders. The glossies were for dollying up the gnomes in the garden. But I'm stuck with two years of housework.

Another thing about this stupid complaint is that I can make jewellery with pliers and wire but can't thread and knot pearls.  Thumbing through 100 or so craft magazines didn't help either.  Pulling the ring tops off vodka cans is okay but squeezing the orange juice is a bugger.


Middle Child said...

Growing older is hard...but when I think about my dad who was killed younger...and mum who just died suddenly not too much older than I...I feel okay...just hope my kids have kids and are well and healthy...all the rest will follow - your grand daughters might yet surprise you

Ozfemme said...

Get the surgery done and stat!! Sending you all the best wishes that it all passes smoothly and quickly for you and it won't be long before the lids are flying off the top of the gin bottle again x x

River said...

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a b***h to live with. I have it, but in a very mild form. I get the numbness and hot tingling only occasionally and it is helped by wearing wrist braces to bed so the hands don't curl up while I'm sleeping, so the pressure stays off the nerves.
Get the surgery done and follow up with the exercises they tell you to do. Hopefully you'll one day be able to thread and knot pearls again.
Funny about the lost jacket under the bed. That would be one of the first places I'd make him look.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry.
If I knew where to queue, I would be first in line demanding a refund for my badly behaved body. I would gladly mind a place for you.
Whatever you decide, I will be sending good wishes your way.

JahTeh said...

MiddleChild, I actually let myself go and told mother it was down to her. If she'd let me leave the craft market when I wanted to, this might not have gone this far. For once she was lost for words.

Oz, I've had so much surgery and something always goes wrong. I hate the thought of being awake and I don't care how much happy pills they give me, it won't work. Never mind the gin bottle, I had a wrestling match with the marmalade this morning.

River, I listed all the things I do that cause pain, it's a long list so I must have it done. I used to freak the nephew by asking him to straighten out my fingers when they curled every which way. As for the jacket, it's black and under the bed is dark and he wouldn't think to reach under and feel around. I would like to know how the socks got under the top part of the sofa bed, in the sofa part where the bed folds in. That one has me beat.

EC, I hate whinging when I know how much you are going through without any light at the end of the tunnel. Thank goodness I don't have a garden that needs too much done to it. It's weed city out there.

Ann O'Dyne said...

dear Cwitch - make sure surgeon's name is not 'Patel'.
2. practise hauling up your knickers with ONE hand, before you are post surgery. Get the moves off, while your head is still clear.

I have a carpal tunnel surgery referral dated 2001. Cannot haul knickers up with one hand. let me know how you go.
Wearing a tennis sweatband on your wrist is an economic version of those costly braces. X X

JahTeh said...

Annie O, still working out how he got the verdict overturned.
I can put on my knickers with one hand. Place knickers on floor, put feet in, lift legs to rest on dressing table and pull up with one hand then stand and adjust and what makes you think I'll wear knickers anyway or bras.