Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1500 and still going.

Not quite up to Andrew's prolific output but 1500 posts in 7 years isn't bad. And I'm back at IE because FireFox was being very annoying, it's faster than IE but annoying. Firefox also wouldn't let me comment on some blogs including Highriser with his fancy new comment format.  Four times my comment disappeared into cyberspace so I gave up.  The same happens at Miss O'Dyne's.

Now for all my birdie watchers I need a bird identified.  By the time I managed to grab the camera he was gone so here's a wonky description.
Larger than a dove but the same colouring except from the beak to the eyes, the feathers were a cream colour.  Then he turned around and flashed a brilliant irridescent orange along the wing feathers and that only happened when the sun shone on the feathers otherwise, dull greyish. He was scoffing down the fruitbread I'd just put out and there were no other birds around so one of a kind in my yard.

I have lost some weight and Doc Marvin has given me 6 to 12 months to drop some more before we start thinking of more drastic measures.  Of course, given the size of me, 2kgs just made me look to see if a toe had dropped off but I'll take anything at this stage.  Blood pressure was down, I can't imagine why, but now my elephant legs are getting a dose of diuretics.  Don't take these without knowing where every toilet is located and heaven help me if a bus goes over a bump. 
I did well yesterday with the walking but I paid for it last night. Life lesson no. 359, don't walk far in shoes you haven't walked in since last summer when the feet weren't quite as swollen.  My mission now is to get back to the weight I was two years ago, middle 130's.

Doc Marvin made notes when I told him I had an eating disorder.  He'd never heard of food being used as anger management but then he's never been locked up with my mother or had a 6 week guest stay for two years.


R.H. said...

What- middle 130s. Well that's not bad, 130 pounds is around nine stone.

Lovely photo of mother in the previous post.

River said...

I'm astounded that a doctor hasn't heard of food being used as anger management, after all, people use food for everything else.
Mid 130s sounds like a good place to aim for.
Congratulations on losing your big toe...ha ha
I'm no help at all with the bird identification, can you find a picture in a bird book that would help you identify it?

The Elephant's Child said...

Your bird sounds as if it might, just might be a common bronze wing pigeon. Not a terribly exciting bird until the sun hits them. I am no expert though - just an enthusiastic amateur.
I'm with River I think Doc Marvin lost five points. She who has her mouth full cannot say the things she is thinking.
1500 posts is truly amazing.

Andrew said...

Just over half a post per day. Not bad at all. If you are a reader of Red Nomad, she and her husband are very good at bird id, or you could try

JahTeh said...

Robbert, how sweet of you to misunderstand lbs instead of kgs.

River, not the way I use it but he did understand and he never pushes me about food. Unlike my last doctor who immediately said "lap band surgery" as the answer to all my problems including the diabetes.

EC, he regains those points by wearing the most enormouse Mickey Mouse tie with MM red braces.
Now I'll look for common bronze wing pigeon but he didn't look too common in the sunlight.

Andrew, thank you for that link. He was such an unusual bird for my back yard.

The Elephant's Child said...

When we looked up the pigeon in our yard and discovered that he was called the 'common bronze wing' we remarked that we hadn't seen him often and that he was far too beautiful to be considered common. Wikipedia is a good place to look for him.
And I love the idea of a doctor who doesn't take himself seriously. MM braces would make my day.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh fabulous - 1500 is your Blojesty's COPPER JUBILEE (curtseys)

re Doc Marvin and 'anger management' - I have to disagree. it's ASSERTIVENESS that you need more of.
A primal scream wouldn't be wasted either.
You need people waiting on YOU hand-and-foot as they say.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, my assertiveness is buried deep underneath the internalized anger and god help all if I ever let it blast to the surface. Krakatoa would be nothing if I let loose but unfortunately it would backfire and the witches rule of do no harm would fry me.

As for the waiting hand and foot, lordy I'm big enough now and I have to walk to the fridge. The primal scream is there though when I find the ice-cream is finished.