Thursday, September 27, 2012

Movie Meme

This was a good meme put out by The Plastic Mancunian and I've been trying to fill it all out for a week so I thought maybe one question at a time.
1. What is your all time favourite movie costume?

All through the first StarWars movie Princess Leia  was head to toe covered by fabric and who could forget those coffee scroll head braids. I loved the movie then and still watch it now.
We couldn't wait for the next episode to hit the big screen and when the Princess came out from all those layers and you could practically hear the schoolboys drooling in the theatre.

The  outfit might have been skimpy but she managed to strangle Jabba the Hut with a chain and not show any more than she was showing here.  I think this part of the 3rd film is my favourite  before we have to put up with the Ewoks.
It was a great costume and made a statement the Princess lived up to. 


River said...

Favourite movie costume?
That's a heck of a question. Nothing springs to mind, so I'm going to have to watch every movie I own.
I'll get back to you on this in about...oh 5 years.

JahTeh said...

River, Plasman's meme had me thinking like crazy which is why I'm doing it bit by bit. But you have to admit this outfit is a ripper.

Ann O'Dyne said...

only on that body and even Ms Carrie couldn't wear it any more. The B&W b-movies of the Forties have wonderful costumes, anything by designer Adrian. Hollywood lured Coco Chanel about 1930 and the very first film she costumed had a woman in pale knit separates with an artificial camellia pinned on the shoulder.
My fantasy favourites are Glynda The Good Witch's golden gown from TWOO, and the star-spangled white gown from Greta Garbo's cough-cough on the chaise longue scene in Camille.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I'm buried in a book about Edith Head at the moment. Fascinating stuff about doing colour clothes for black and white film. I loved all those musicals from the 30s and agree about all Garbo's gowns from Camille. Edith dressed Mae West and there were no corsets under those 1890 look gowns, the bones were sewn into the dress itself, the rest was all Mae. She always carried a brolly or a stick of some kind as she wore 5 inch heels on her shoes, ahead of her time.