Sunday, September 16, 2012


The poor little thing with his one ear, thanks to SE Water workers, so pathetic that I just couldn't bring myself to chuck him on the pile.        
And his mates kind of nestled up to him when I put them there for the photo.  I'll give them a bit of a paint job with the rest of the gnomes and they can continue to guard the water meter with the not so bad goanna on a log.
Yes, I'm sentimental and soft as marshmallow but those little almost gone eyes still looked at me.
Maybe I could paint a pirate patch where his ear used to be.
On the good side, I grabbed a role of purple synthetic leather from herontheotherside whose husband was an upholsterer and only bought really expensive materials.  It's going to make great shoulder bags for the next 20 years.


River said...

20 years worth of purple shoulder bags?
That's rather a lot of bags, and a lot of leather.
You could drape it over your couch as a cover, then every time you need a new bag just cut out a circle and gather it up drawstring style.

Andrew said...

Just what you need, another shoulder bag to carry around your baggage. Sorry, too harsh. We have similar concrete critters on our balcony. They are wombats but a neighbour above told us how she likes our balcony pigs.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am glad that the concrete beasties won a reprieve. I have dragons nestled in the shrubbery that I would be reluctant to let go.
Shoulder bags? And other things when and as the whim takes you.

Ann O'Dyne said...

glad you couldn't do it. I love little garden critters, and they are better if faded worn and tired looking. a pox on the brutish water guy. X X

R.H. said...

Hi, my father laughed or went crook, nothing in between. How odd.

There's a product called Bondcrete, it's added to strengthen concrete when it's being mixed, it also glues things to it when it's dry. If you've still got the ear get a little container of it from Bunnings, stick it back on. If you haven't got the ear break the other one off.

JahTeh said...

River, play your cards right and there could be a nice Kindle cover for you.

Andrew, there goes your manbag and I was going to put your name on it with rhinestones.....your real name bwahahahaha!

EC, I hope the dragon is on the right side of the house to protect it.
I can just see me in purple leather pants, there's enough fabric.

Annie O, dear little things will be spruced up and the dragon will have golden eggs again. I think my Christmas present to me might be a couple of concrete chooks. I checked the price of a concrete sheep, much too expensive.

Robbert, how cruel, I'll just paint a pirate scarf across the missing bit. I did search for his ear but never found it.

R.H. said...

I didn't really mean it.