Saturday, September 15, 2012

My feet, my knees, down but not out

Next door's pile of hard rubbish just found a new home.  I spotted it as I was getting in the taxi yesterday and if it had been there when I collected the mail, I'd have brought it in then.  So off I went resigned to missing it because I wouldn't be home until late and the curb crawlers were already out in force.  But no, I win, still there when I arrived home in the dark.  Thank goodness they'd taken the legs off because I doubt I'd have been able to carry it. I dragged it as quietly as I could up the footpath and down the drive then went back for the legs, momentary panic as I noticed only two but they were shoved inside each other.  Then the chairs, no superwoman you can't carry 6 chairs at once without a heart attack, I had trouble carry two so it was one by one.
Surprisingly heavy those chairs and all this done in the dark.  Mind you I'm going to have words with himnextdoor. He knows I get first dibs on anything good like this but shewhomustbeobeyed must have put them out. 

So this afternoon when I came back from a very long walk and I hate people who tell me to burn through the pain, it just gets you more pain.  I had to buy a new purse so I walked to  the Tosca outlet in Warrigal Road (bite me Andrew) lunched at Nando's and walked home.  Was it worth the pain, yes, to buy a purse on special down from $89.95 to $49.95 and one where the cards actually fit in the spaces. I always buy the same type of purse so I know at a glance that I haven't misplaced the important cards.  I really would have loved the tiger skin patent leather but it wasn't on special and it had a clip opening part for coins, painful to open with hurty fingers.
I didn't take the shopping trolley knowing I would be walking through piles of hard rubbish just dying for a good home and walked back the long way round for the same reason, no temptation.  Damn homeowners who let hedges grow over their brick fences, only one place for a fat bum to take a load off the knees.

I was going to keep the old patio table with the big hole in the middle where the screaming north wind upended the shade brolley and crashed it down.  The cat was forever rolling over the table and going through the middle.  I thought it might be okay at the back for putting my tomato plants on but why make it easy the birds and possums to get at them so it's out for collection. I did keep the green chairs, those cream ones looked a bit on the snug side and the green ones are so comfortable.  And if that upturned bed base hadn't been on a busy road I'd have nicked the six wheels off that.  That was my grandfather's motto, "never throw out the wheels".  A lesson I could never get through to the BOH, who hasn't turned up to put all the small car parts out. I'll probably end up painting them to look like garden gnomes.  I just remembered I haven't put out the one earred concrete pig. I feel bad about doing that, he's been here so long but he looks so pathetic but he'll have company since the eyes have washed off the concrete dogs and they belonged to the ex anyway.  Very chichi, not like my flock of concrete ducks.  Apparently he has a garden full of concrete 'things' at his new place.  The horror, the horror.


The Elephant's Child said...

Full of awe at the effort involved. Have we seen a photo of the one eared pig? Can we see a photo before he leaves on his final holiday?
And yes, my father would have wholeheartedly supported 'never throw out the wheels' - or much of anything else really.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

ooh I have been so bad and haven't put anything out for collection, despite having lots. Ah well, next time!

River said...

I too, am in awe at you getting those things home. I was at my daughter's today and meant to check if my old plastic table and chairs were still there. Don't know that I could get them home on the bus though.....never throwing out wheels is good advice.
I hate those click closures on purses too, give me a good strong zipper any day.

Andrew said...

Plastic chairs only last so long before the plastic starts to decay, so make sure the seem ok before plonking down onto one.

R.H. said...

Kemp Street Thornbury is mainly blocks of flats (ap-a-a-artments). I visit a friend living there and have noticed a tradition I find very touching of putting out things you don't want anymore for someone else who might fancy them. If it's extremely tatty you can dump it outside someone else's block, but that's rare, and I get a laugh anyway to see the odd rotted mattress that the bonehead council will have to pick up. It's all a marvellous idea but you do to be careful; walking home a few weeks ago my pal found a petrol engined whipper snipper out on the nature strip. We tried it out and it started straight away. Then we realised it was probably left there for a moment by someone using it.

JahTeh said...

EC, he's not going anywhere, I just couldn't be that cruel.
I have a box full of wheels unfortunately I gave the wheels from my queen size bed to mum for her bed so now I can't move it at all. Good thing too, there's a huge mirror under there waiting for a bathroom renovation.

Fen, you might have a different date to me and it goes all week depending on which truck is picking up what rubbish. The curb crawlers have been going round here since 5 this morning.

River, that table is over 2 metres long, no wonder I thought I'd have a heart attack. The nephew asked why I didn't ring him to help. He didn't help last year when he was staying here. He didn't want me to be arrested for stealing and that's what it says on the back of the pamphlet. Taking anything off the pile is stealing. Damn Council spoils everything.

Andrew, dear, any chair is in danger when I crash on it but that's why I'm keeping the green ones, much stronger looking than these.

Robbert, that happened to me the first year after the ex departed. I'd carried piles of his garbage out in the wheel barrow, went in the gate to pick up what had fallen off and nearly lost the barrow. Bloke was very apologetic. Wasn't you was it?

Davoh said...

mm, at least you retain(?) some sense of 'taste'. Me? am reduced to collecting all sorts of useful crap .. oops, discards from the local dump .. oops, Waste Transfer Station.

Davoh said...

PS, JT - yep, am still alive and in good health .. but have been "told" to eff off so often these days that rarely comment.

R.H. said...

Of course it was Me! What do you think? I apologise every time I'm caught grabbing something, why do you think I've been given so many good behaviour bonds. Wake up!
Blogging is a tough game Davo, you need to give up your Southern Gentleman ways.

JahTeh said...

Davoh, it's quite true that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Glad you're in good health, good enough to trawl the waste transfer station, how posh.

Robbert, Salvo's won't take anything that's not in pristine condition because they sell it not give it away so there were at least 4 lounge suites around my area.