Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring sun

It's spring, damn awful spring so far what with the freezing and the wild winds but today was sunshine from the get go. 
The line is full of laundry.
The sewing room is half vac'd.
The boxes are in place.
The bed has been changed.
The bedside table drawer is neat with everything in place. That's everything I took out and re-arranged before Christmas and couldn't find a thing ever after. All back where it should be now.
The books are stacked neatly.
The sewing machine is ready to go.
Three bags out by the gate for collection.
I even dusted a shelf.
And it's only the tenth day of spring.
Thank the goddess we'll be back to crummy weather by Thursday otherwise I could burn out and give it all up.
Don't ask about washing the dishes.  When the plastic container I'm currently using falls apart I'm sure I'll get around to the dishes.


The Elephant's Child said...

Wind, wind and more bloody wind. Years back on a windy day one of our cats ran up a tree and bit it, and I knew exactly how he felt.
I am antsy and bad tempered on windy days - and there are rather a lot of them this season.
Your achievement list is truly impressive. And made me cringe. I need to do all of those things too...

JahTeh said...

EC, the house still looks like a ruin but I did find my two Christmas angels, my button dolly and cotton reel Christmas trees and a cross stitch pussy cat. None of which is finished and the cat was for my granddaughter who is nearly 20. I move slowly.

River said...

I quite like the wind. I once stood at the edge of a cliff above a beach and let the wind buffet me. Luckily it was blowing inland and I wasn't too close to the edge anyway.

JahTeh said...

River, that kind of wind I don't mind but trying to bring in washing or put it out kills me and I've just noticed Jasmine on the back fence from the neighbour's yard.