Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stormy weather

Wow, things were a little hairy around these parts last night.  In fact when I had a late shower I kept the big torch on in the bathroom just in case the lights blew.  That's happened to me before and it's very Alfred Hitchcock to be in the shower in the pitch dark.
The lights flickered a couple of times, the glass in the front windows rattled and I heard the patio chairs heading for the back fence. Bedtime saw me at the ready with the mobile phone, small torch and large in case of emergency.  Not that the tree would hit the house but it would bring down every wire across the road.
And the insurance hadn't been fixed up but my lovely broker had a cover note on the house until I signed the papers.  He ended up getting a good deal for me and next year we'll combine house and contents with the same company.  So Westpac Insurance just lost a customer for being greedy and whacking an extra $20 a month on my premium. And fortunately the tree is still standing.

It has been nearly a week since I blogged after the traumatic full moon Friday at the home. I still can't blog about it. Miss O'Dyne was the recepient of the hysterical email when I finally got home. Don't ever diss the full moon effect on the minds of the not-quite-with-it residents.

My mind has been in some disarray with depression peering at me from around corners just waiting to pounce so I've been not in the mood to keep going with the housecleaning.  I twisted my spine wrangling a wheelchair last Friday and my left leg looks like I've stolen it from some wandering elephant. And it has not been the ideal weather for icepacks every two hours.  The carpal tunnel test didn't take long but I haven't bothered finding out how bad it is.  It's not been the weather for hospital news either.  Bits of me aren't working well at all. I've given up cappuccino and muffin treats, I'm still off chocolate and shopping was such a chore today that I completely missed the biscuit aisle.  And stupid me bought food I'll actually have to cook.  

Also depressing is the fact that Mrs R thinks we should all work for $2 an hour, bless her gold tipped miserly heart.  I wonder if anyone told the poor workers who've already been shot out of Darryl Lea's vacant shop at Southland.  I mean I was hoping they would have a closing down sale of goodies but shop boarded up and all gone. The only thing I really looked forward to at Christmas was their box of candies and nougat. No more soft licorice either.  It's a sad world when the sweetie shops close.  


Andrew said...

Usually when I come home from work and see a full moon, I exclaim, well, that explains why today was so crazy. This full moon, nothing. Clearly it was significant for you.

I expect they move the goods at the closed DL shop to another that is staying open.

The Elephant's Child said...

Yup. The wind was throwing things around with gay abandon here last night as well. We have three large gum trees. One would fall onto the bedroom and either of the other two would take out both phone and power lines.
I am so sorry about the full moon traumas - and grateful that you had Miss O'Dyne at the end of your keyboard.
I hope in the absence of housework you are able to fend off the black dog with some wonderful (not improving) reading.
Sending hugs your way.

River said...

"It's a sad world when sweetie shops close", yes it is and this reminds me I should check and see if our Darrell Lea in Rundle Mall is still open.
Sorry to hear about your back and the elephant leg. Are you able to rest with your legs/feet elevated on pillows?
It's been very windy here too, pollens blowing all over, giving me grief, then today's wind was accompanied by much rain and freezing temperatures.

R.H. said...

How would any lolly shop go broke with you as a customer?

Kath Lockett said...

I'm coming up to speed with Aussie news and blogs and Gina's ridiculous comments have echoed throughout most of the thinking world. How comforting to receive such an opinion from someone born into billions....

I daren't tell Love Chunks about Darrel lea as he's looking forward to eating their liquorice when we go back home for Christmas. Still, I recall that Coles (or Woolies?) have a pretty decent brown paper bag full of the black stuff.

Sorry to hear that the Black Dog is nosing around - do whatever is that needs to be done. Whether it be letting the laundry sit there or going for cake; whatever helps.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, ever been out with your mum at the full moon?
I've heard that the company that bought DL has closed all the shops and will only have a display at some outlets. My local pharmacy has always had a corner display with great discounts after Christmas and Easter. So it looks as if this is how it will be.

EC, the wind is still blowing a gale with predicted hail and thunderstorms but I'm expected back at the home. Mother does keep to her room when I'm expected so it's peaceful.

River, Pollens blowing all over here as well but so are the blossoms being blown to kingdom come. I hate this part of spring, one day fine then back to freezing.

Robbert, DL was a treat, very expensive chocolate but the best rocky road ever.
One Christmas they made a dark chocolate, marshmallow and orange rocky road, divine. Never to be seen in my lifetime again.

Kath, she's worked so hard to keep those millions multiplying but I'd like to see her out there in the muck with a shovel.
I'd like to see you tell Love Chunks that there is a substitute for DL's licorice. If we'd known they were going to shut up shop we could have organised a care package to Geneva.

Ann O'Dyne said...

If Darrell Lea had not abandoned those artists smocks with big neck bows, they would still be in business. Their licorice filled Easter eggs are a real loss to joy.

Please tell us about the carpal-tunnel 'nerve conduction' test? Is it hitting a little rubber hammer on your wrist and then billing $900?
X X from where the wind is just howling in off the surface of Lake Wendouree.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, 10 minutes and bulk billing so I used the money to taxi there and back.
All he did was put electrode patches on various hand spots and zapped me until I said I could feel the zap. Right hand is much worse than left and I haven't rung up for the report yet.

River said...

When I had my carpal tunnel test, I had electrodes placed from elbow to wrist, not all at once, they were moved in turn, each was zapped and the length of time taken for the shock to register in the finger tips was recorded. the fingertips are supposed to jump or twitch immediately. None of mine did. It was a little painful, but not much, completely bearable, but not at all fun.

@ Kath Lockett, Coles has the brown bag licorice, Woolies has a very, very nice licorice in a green and (black?) bag called black opal, I think. Darrel Lea is available in my local Post Office.