Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just what we've been praying for....

Yes dear blog ladies, a female viagra.
We get to self administer a dose of testosterone gel in our nasal passage a couple of hours before we think we might have a sexual encounter.
The testosterone will be rapidly absorbed through the nasal lining, resulting in a sudden rise in levels throughout the day.
This is good news for women with sexual difficulties and will be available by prescription in a few years.
It's also going to make the pharmaceutical group a truck load of money.
It's supposed to be a boon for partners with mismatched libidos.
It's not supposed to have side effects if you rev up but don't engage the engine.
It's supposed to be for women who are concerned about their husbands' feelings because wifey doesn't swing from the rafters whenever they get it on.  Goddess bless those fragile egos.

Please don't let my beloved synchrotron to have been used in making this.

But please use the synchrotron to come up with a dose of something that will make 95% of Australian men attractive enough so that I would want to take a sniff of female viagra.


River said...

I bet this was thought of by a man after one more "I'm too tired" from his wife after she'd spent all day doing housework, shopping, wrestling the kids to and from wherever while he watched the footy and called for another beer every hour. And maybe she goes out to work as well.

The Elephant's Child said...

River is right. This has the stamp of thunked up by a boy all over it. A boy who had been turned down despite his gracious and elegant request 'do you wanna?' I notice that there are no ill effects if her needs are not met. And who needs more pharmaceuticals in their system anyway. Not this black duck. It is still October so I am going to repeat my mantra of the month. Hiss and spit.

Link said...

I'm sorry your Honour. It was the tostesterone wot made me TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB AND FEED HIS BALLS INTO THE MINCER STILL ATTACHED. I may have had one or too many snorts. It made me feel so AGGRESSIVELY UNSTOPPABLE like I could just you know tear the world apart laying everything to waste and emerge THE WINNER!!

R.H. said...

Link. Good heavens -a ghost!

Well look here, some of those hoyden and pavlov things could get drowned in that stuff and still be fuck-shy. It's their life. I'm still a good stick man and damn proud! Pervert. First Class.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, surely not a pervert, just an over active romantic.

Link, apparently there are women who want this as much as men want viagra. We start losing testosterone in our 20s and it's all downhill from there. Some of us warrior women are naturally aggressive and don't need a boost besides, testosterone, I already have a moustache.

EC, he owns the company. 'Hiss and spit', I really must do something about this dyslexia, the words didn't quite come out like that to me.

River, the bit where the women didn't want to upset their men by not responding really got my goat. I thought of the dark side, wives who don't tell their husbands, he finds it and belts her for having an affair or sex trafficked asian girls locked in brothels getting a dose and upping the man count from 20 to 30 a night. It will be abused as soon as it's on the market.

The Elephant's Child said...

Piss and hit, work for me just as well. Or did your fertile mind find something else?

R.H. said...

There's a serious side to everything. Blokes should be taught how important romance is to women; one let-down can get them hating all men. It's true.

JahTeh said...

Close EC, very close.

Romance, Robbert, I'll take romance over grubby sex any day.

Link, the dark side is the rapist pleading that the woman was on this and attacked him. We'll hear it in court.

Middle Child said...

"But please use the synchrotron to come up with a dose of something that will make 95% of Australian men attractive enough so that I would want to take a sniff of female viagra." hahahahhaa true

Middle Child said...

and what Link said