Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A real cracker.

This is my current favourite desktop wallpaper and it was photographed over our own Corio Bay by James Collier.  He said the crack of the lightning was so loud he almost fell out of his car and wasn't sure if he even clicked the camera.  I'm so glad he nailed this shot, fantastic. 
If I ever had a tattoo, it would be this, my true nature. 
And for those who are terrified of lightning, tomorrow I'll post tarantulas to calm you down.


River said...

What a fabulous shot! If you don't mind, I'd like it for my desktop too.
Tarantulas? Yes please.

The Elephant's Child said...

It is thunder I don't like. Lightening is beautiful, and that is a superlative photo. And spiders are fine too - except when they bite me.

JahTeh said...

River, I can imagine the crack lightning like this made and fancy the luck of getting the shot.

EC, if I remember this was for an Australian calendar and the other photos were just as great. I'll go back and try to find out.

JahTeh said...

I've sent the link for the whole article to both of you.