Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Lookee here, only Tuesday and I'm ready to curl up in a corner and cry until I read this.

I'm sitting in my usual spot, taking tea and a muffin (small) after a particular harrowing morning when my health educators decided to beat me over the head with threats of laproscopic surgery as a cure for all ills.
A largish girl sits beside me with a bottle of water and a sandwich and mentions how brave I am to eat "fat food" in front of the wandering Southland population.
I nearly swallowed the muffin whole, it was that small.
She never eats like that because she always scared that someone with a mobile phone will photograph her and she'll end up on a Farcebook wall, shamed without being named.
I very nearly got up and bought another muffin in retaliation for the nation of morons that think it's okay to do that to someone half my size and we all know how much I can fill out a bench seat.

When I think back 20 or so years before we all found out how evil Macca's was to eat, I'm appalled at how much of that I would eat in one meal and it was only once a week. If I added up the kilojules in today's money I'd probably have a heart attack on the spot. It was a Saturday ritual.  After shopping out Southland, we'd grab a load of take-away and head for the beach and eat.  We didn't think anything of it, never questioned how much salt, sugar or what the burgers were made of, it was cheap, quick and great to eat watching the waves.  I wouldn't do it now even if they say how much everything has changed regarding the ingredients. 

But if I want to sit and eat a muffin, with black tea or an ice coffee and if I'm really hungry, add a sandwich then I'm going to.  I just wished that girl hadn't been so frightened of social media that she couldn't enjoy a small treat.  I was too polite to ask what she did in the privacy of her own home, stick with the water or hit the fridge in a Friday night ice-cream binge.  
I am so sick of people's opinion of the "obesity crisis", "diabetes scourge" and how we're all going to die because the fat people are breathing too much air.  

As for the surgery, let me know when they invent a lap band for that part of the brain with the big red button that screams "eat" whenever I'm stressed, depressed and fed up with people.  


Andrew said...

Starting to hear bad things about lap band surgery, mind you I've seen good results too.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, very bad for me, physically. I've had way too much surgery to want to go under the knife again. You only have to read what happened to Les Twentyman to have doubts.
Sorry I still can't comment on your blog, it's something to do with the code.

Kath Lockett said...

The 'social shame' aspect of eating has, in fact, turned many of us into closet binge eaters.

As for me, I'm happy to stuff my face out in the big wide world and at home but I agree wholeheartedly with your last para.

The Elephant's Child said...

I think I am reading this on the wrong day. It moved me to sooky tears.
WTF are we doing to intimidate people to the point where a woman cannot face eating 'fat food' in public.
Goodness knows I am fat, and I still eat in public. And, depending on the day, a portion of what I consume will be 'treat' food. Suck it up buttercup (a Canadian saying I have embraced).

River said...

I LOVE the Friday night icecream binge!!
Haven't done it for a while though.
And what's this about the fat people are breathing too much air? What about the skinnies who exercise to the point where they are positively gasping it in? Shame on them!

JahTeh said...

Kath, my facebook expert tells me that this doesn't happen in Australia but does in America so my girl might be a tad paranoid.
My favourite eatery is facing the escalators at Southland and I watch all the people and criticise everyone. I'm all for judgemental equality.

EC, after what I said to Kath, everyone on the escalators can watch me eat. I thought I was great giving up milk and sugar in tea. It was my strategy for giving up biscuits, you can't dunk biscuits in black tea, it's not the same.

River, if I have ice-cream in the fridge it's every night binge. And it's not all our fault. I spend half my time shopping just reading what's on the labels. That weighwatchers pizza you had looked gruesome.
And for a good weight loss tip, watch Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals, it makes you too exhausted to eat.