Monday, December 17, 2012

A good home for the doll.

The Christmas party went well except for two people who caused chaos and believe me, the girls down there don't get enough money for putting up with them.  I forgot about Friday night, office parties and rain so I couldn't even get on to the Taxi line but a friend drove me home and pleased I was to get home.

The lady who won the doll doesn't usually come to the Home but she thought she'd be able to help out.  When they said her name and "You've won the doll", she couldn't think what she'd do with a doll.  Then she saw it and burst into tears and she was still teary when she thanked me later.  Apparently her mother collected large dolls and when she died, the collection went to the younger sisters and she didn't have one.  She said she felt as though her mother was there and made sure this time she collected her doll. So we were all happy, someone really nice won and no-one we didn't want to win, did.

Next relatives and residents meeting, I'll be making a suggestion that the party is held between 3 and 5 p.m.  4 to 6 is far too late and the jostling for getting to bed first was worse than running the Monash Freeway in rush hour.  It was well after 7 before mum was settled and I could leave.
Mind you I could have happily left at 4.10 but cunning that I am, I wedged myself in a corner where I couldn't be called on to look after any wanderers or pests.  It's taken 3 days and every pill I could shove down my throat to get rid of the tension, stress and loathing of all things Christmas.

I do have one decoration up, consider me festive.


Elephant's Child said...

Naturally the person who won the doll burst into tears - confirmation that she deserved it.
I am glad that you got a lift home and admire your corner cunning. You have done enough already.
My stress levels are still ramping up, and you have more Christmas decorations up than I have managed.

River said...

I'm glad you survived the dinner to tell us about it.
How lovely that someone who really wanted it won the doll.
One decoration is more than enough, and just won't have to spend a whole day un-decorating a tree and packing it all away.
Have a...oops, no, can't mention those.

Andrew said...

I find earings always help for christmas. Put a nice big pair of christmas earings on, and you will get into the spirit.

R.H. said...

Androo old boy I can't complain about you writing Christmas as christmas on your own blog to show your hatred but I do feel it's wrong to do it on blogs likely to be read by Christians who'll be offended by it. Where's your tolerance?
You are a homosexual. It's not our fault but maybe it's yours.


JahTeh said...

EC, I was so pleased for her. The girls had forgotten to tell her the little gift package the doll was holding contained pearl and crystal earrings for the winner,not the doll.

River, I really wanted to put up my Christmas brooch tree but I still have a week to do it. Maybe I'll just take the brooches out and look at them and maybe count them.

Oh Drewan, I can just see you in Christmas earrings, you'd look so divine. Earrings Smearrings, I'll be wearing my tiara on the day.

Robbert, that's a very small thing to be offended by in this large intolerant world. I, personally, am offended by massacres of small children by complete morons with large guns.

R.H. said...

Fair enough, I'll say faggot.

JahTeh said...

Great, now you're getting ready to burn a witch!
Loved the card, reminded me of Aunt Selma, a real goer.

R.H. said...

Aunt Selma and kitty litter. Time marches on. You broke daddy's TV table and are still a headache to your mother.

R.H. said...

Hi. RH's Christmas Message will appear soon. It will be racist, mysogynist, homophobic, libellous.

Well of course.

I never said a thing that wasn't.

JahTeh said...

Ah Ha, your secret identity is out in the open, you're Tony Abbott in real life.

Middle Child said...

Maybe her Mum was there who can tell - nice that a good person won it