Friday, December 21, 2012

The longest week.

I was sitting at the taxi rank at Southland with 3 other oldies, like we have all the time in the world to wait for a cab.  One, a little older than the other 3, said, "Do you feel as though Christmas has already happened and we're just catching up?"
We all looked at each other and agreed.
Personally I think I'm only catching up on the last six months.
If I dropped anything on the floor in July, you can bet it's still there.

And a thank you to the kind gentleman who bought me a bottle of water on Tuesday when my Achilles Tendon went out in sympathy with Kath Lockett's. The right leg this time not the left. He said I looked distressed. And no, I didn't take the water, I had a bottle in the bag but the thought was worth a Christmas wish for him.

I always buy some chocolate for my Christmas Day but this year I think I'll buy Black Ice Vodka to alternate with the Bombay Sapphire.


Ann ODyne said...

what a lovely man to do that though.

Black Ice and Bombay Blue sounds like my kind of Christmas. no driving will happen so we can .05 ourselves silly.

River said...

What a nice man. It seems the age of chivalry is not quite dead after all.
I haven't bought any Christmas chocolate yet, I'm waiting to see if I get given any.
I hope you're resting that Achilles.
You'll need it for kicking up your heels on New Year's Eve. Ha Ha, she kids.

Elephant's Child said...

A truly lovely man. Nice to know they are still out there.
And yes, I wish you all a very boozy Christmas. Something to take the edge off as it were.

R.H. said...

Hi, yesterday I shared an outside table at a place called the Groove Train in Geelong with four girlie staff from a local childcare centre. Well darlings I grew up in a rough place but have never heard swearing like from those cutiepie little misses. It was a shocker. And complaining made it worse. Meanwhile one motorbike per minute blasted through that little street dividing Westfield Plaza.
Oh my darlings. Surreal. Totally surreal.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, it was lovely but what a suspicious age we live in that I couldn't take the bottle, you know, GHB, PCP or any other kind of drug we warn daughters about.

River, I've had mince pies, piece of cake and pudding and it doesn't taste the same. I'd rather have fruit salad, ice-cream or pavlova. Even chocolate isn't doing it for me.

EC, the same to you and stay away from the edge. This Christmas just seems like one long panic attack to me and it's going to be hot today, just right for gin.

Robbert, I approve of swearing in some situations like AGL taking two lots of Direct Debits out of my account in two weeks and the wrong amount both times. Swearing was mandatory but even I'm appalled by teen mouths these days. They write it on Facebook so think it's okay to say it. I hope you blushed and sniffed your smelling salts.