Saturday, January 05, 2013

About to self-medicate...

As soon as I finish this I'm heading for a tub of coffee and vanilla swirl low - fat ice-cream.
8.45a.m. call from the Home.
Mother very ill and ambulance is on the way.
I made it just in time to go with her.
We head for the Alfred instead of Monash, bless.
I misjudge the height of the steps of the ambulance and the four point landing almost broke a leg.
All day with mother.
BoH arrived just after she was admitted. Funny how watching a child born can remove hospital type phobias. Dear kid gave me money since I hadn't been to the bank, in case I needed a taxi home.
All day tomorrow with mother but nurse from the Home is taking me in. She is very very upset at what's happened, loves my mother and calls me 'Sis'. There is niceness where you think none.
The rest of the story will involve me ripping the neck out of two PCAs who should have done something last night after her condition was reported in the afternoon.
These two have been skating on thin ice with me for quite a while and now they've fallen through.
So I'll be missing for a few days.
Ice-cream should be just right now.
I'm so tired I might eat it straight from the tub and not wash a dish.  
I knew 2013 was a bust.


The Elephant's Child said...

Self medicate as much as you need. Thinking of you, and wishing I could do more.

River said...

Oh Dear! I hope Mum pulls through.
Eating icecream straight from the tub is a great idea.
Nice of the BOH to pitch in like that.

Andrew said...

Hope she is ok. I am surprised that the ambos, no, paras now, did not assist you to mount the steps.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

I hope everything is on the improve. Big cuddles and lots of icecream to you.

Ann O'Dyne said...

dear Coppy - every week since April 2006 has been a gift to her.

as for you getting in an ambulance - I am amazed. I need a ladder just to get in friend's big diesel farm ute.
If you had broken a leg, at least you would not have had to WAIT for the ambulance to come.
Good luck with everything. X X

Helen said...

Oh big hugs Witchy.
What to do, it's difficult. My mum was adamant my Dad was not to go back to hospital after a certain point. I agreed with this but thought the nursing home had too few resources to keep him as comfortable as I'd have liked. It's a wash. You always wonder.

JahTeh said...

EC, my sister is self medicating with stubbies, she's on her 8th but still conscious. She can never get drunk in a crisis.

River, Can't write her off yet but what an excuse to eat tubs of ice-cream.

Andrew, I was coming out of the ambulance, would you have caught me without a net?

Fenstar, I approve of your approval of ice-cream. It is low-fat.

Annie O, they had a trainee with them, she was all of 5feet so I don't know how she managed to climb in. The damn things are huge up close and personal.

Helen, been here so many times before. I find it helps the doctors to keep fighting if they know they can stop without the family going to pieces.