Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year?

Three days in and it just feels like 2012 without the Doomsday prophecy.
So many fell off the twig at the Home that the twig nearly went too.
They managed to keep it together for the Christmas party.
The residents cat is supposed to be coming to live with me while he still has a chance of keeping all four legs and tail. But there seems to be a bureaucratic snafu as in, who has responsibility for the beast.  The nurse who first dropped him in it, she's left.  The activities director who's been cleaning up the mess or the Director of Nursing who is in charge of residents.  They should have asked the residents who have been running over him with wheelchairs and enjoying it a bit too much.

I can announce that I have reached the door to the kitchen which has been hidden for two years. As soon as I start moving the BOH's belongings down the hall, it will disappear again.  So I'm in between mess and more mess and I've learned to go slow with the lifting and dragging.  But it's worth it for the unearthing of treasures, long forgotten.  Who knew I had so many pillow cases cut out and ready to sew? I will, in the  fullness of time, have enough nightdresses to last 20 years.  And being a good recycler, I never throw out an old pillow without removing the centre of the filling so I have enough in bags to make cushions for some time.  I have only one box to pull out and it contains all the pictures from Mum's house and I can't remember what they are.
But I found the gold wire Christmas trees, yeah, for next year.

There will be photos when I find the camera.  
And when I find the camera there'll be photos of my six tomatoes and one banana chilli.  The chilli isn't doing so well, I think there's something inside eating its way out but you will note that I have fulfilled two of last year's resolutions, tomatoes and chilli.  There was a glitch with the other 8 plants, they're not pot tomatoes so I have to haul them across the road to a friendly neighbour's veggie bed and re-plant them.  Neither of us have green thumbs so a prayer and a votive candle lighting would be appreciated.

Current new year health situation is the same as the old year.  Bloody awful.  If my body fat could meltdown as  brilliantly as my mind does, I wouldn't have a health problem.  I have barred myself from the scales until February.  I was thinking of blacking out the mirrors but then I couldn't find the hairs on my chin.  Another of life's mysteries, head hair is thinning, chin hair is thriving.   And now I have a heat wave to look forward too.  At least the moronic government is not putting me back on Newstart allowance which is their way to problem solve the obesity crisis by starving mothers and children.  Stuff you Jenny Macklin, you couldn't live on that daily allowance and if you really want to try it, give up your house, car, clothes and steal a shopping trolley and live on what that would hold if you can keep someone with less from thieving it while you're bedding down under a bridge somewhere.
See 2013 is just like 2012, only January and the bullshit is rising to knee level already.

And I didn't win Tattslotto.


Marshall Stacks said...

Please do not perform energetic physical work in this heat. The ambulance takes hours to come.

congratulations on working through to The Door. Do you feel like a prison break that has tunnelled to daylight?

The poor cat. I cannot believe they aren't thrilled to have someone who wants to care for it. Does it get their kitchen scraps? How will you transport it home? is it neutered? all pets for sale must be microchipped - who at The Home is going to pay for that and for innoculations? tell them a pet is 'not just for Christmas'.
wishing you a smooth transition in every way.

The Elephant's Child said...

I have been watching your temperatures and shuddering. And echo Marshall Stacks - never mind the energetic, do as little as possible. With a G and T in hand.

River said...

I didn't win Lotto either. Not a huge prize anyway. I did win $40.10, so that's better than a kick up the khyber...

You know what I hate about statements from pollies who say they can live on $xxx per day? It brings forth those who say they will do it for a week, just to prove it can be done. In my opinion, anything can be done if you're only doing it for a week, then going back to your upper class home with the upper class income and associated benefits such as airconditioning, enough food, enough bedding and clothing, a house that you own, private health benefits including dental, and so on.
If "they" were prepared to give up all that for maybe 5 years and try to live on the pittance that is laughingly called an allowance, maybe I'd feel better about it.
Oh, and I agree with Elephant's Child and Marshall Stacks, don't do too much, or anything at all, in the heatwave.

Andrew said...

Pillow stuffing comes in its own useful container, known as a pillow. Fail! But you will no doubt have a clever answer. Our prize this week was about $11. I arrived home tonight to find $5 and some change, and the Tatts printout, just in case I suspected him of cheating me.

Stay kewl and cool.

R.H. said...

When I was a boy living down on the flatlands in Prahran some of us kids would stray up into the hills among Toorak's fine abodes and there was one place we knew about with its iron gates always open where we could go in and watch little fish swimming around a pond in the front garden. We gave no thought at all as to why we lived in tiny wooden houses and other people had these huge brick joints. And the thing is I didn't become envious of these types in later life, but I am enormously curious. They just are not like us.

There's the situation when during a PR stunt Mal Fraser as prime minister walked into a worker's pub and pulled out a fiver to shout the bar, thinking it would buy two dozen beers.

Cultured, educated, affluent people of Mal's class have no idea of us and money. They don't even know who we are.

JahTeh said...

Stacks, he's had all that done and I'll only have to have the address changed for the microchip. I did that with mum's cat and I think I was charged for it. He's been at the Home for nearly 2 years but the changing residents mean changing cat lovers for cat haters then back again.

EC, I've discovered Bundaberg diet ginger beer which is supposed to be good for arthritis. Lovely with lots of ice.

River, the point everyone missed was that, first, get newstart allowance then live on it. Let her walk out of Parliament in the only clothes she'll have, no where to shower and show up at centrelink without papers and go through all the rigmarole to get newstart.

Andrew, first you have to get rid of the slept on part of the filling. The middle is nice and clean and when left in the sun is irradiated so dust mites die. Dacron filling is expensive, I need money for gin.

Robbert, I agree but then I love Bill and Melinda Gates for donating much of the Microsoft money to keep children healthy and alive. They supply vaccines and fund Malaria research. There's good wealthy and bad wealthy.

R.H. said...

And Dick Smith is generous too, but I think very few of the rich would care. We mean nothing to them. The world is divided by class not by nationalities, middle income is the most class conscious of all: nurses, school teachers and social workers for instance despise non-professionals. It's true. My deadhead social worker niece in Sydney visits me here in the west and knows where to find every little oasis of cafe culture, she can smell a croissant from five kilometres.

R.H. said...

Darlings it is hot, I'm sitting here in my underdangers and sweating, I don't think even dancing girls could distract me now.

River said...

Diet ginger beer is good for arthritis?
That's an interesting factoid.
How many per day would I have to drink I wonder?

JahTeh said...

River, you should take 40mgs of ginger a day so Antikva asked Bundeberg how much was in their ginger beer and 40mgs.

Robbert, You're making me hot just thinking about you in underwear but I hope you were still formal and wore a Daffy tie.

Kath Lockett said...

....I didn't win Tattslotto either and I actually bought a ticket for the biggie on 29th Dec.

"If my body fat could meltdown as brilliantly as my mind does, I wouldn't have a health problem." - you should sell this as a bumper sticker!

Anonymous said...

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