Friday, January 18, 2013

Just a trinket.

It's about time we had a jewell on the blog and is this not a beauty.
Platinum mounted, 2.20 carats of diamond and an Imperial Topaz of 17.54 carats measuring 19.08x12.88x8.99mm.

This gem comes from Ouro Preto, Brazil.  It's unusual colour composed of gold, sherry and cherry hues is very much valued but since it only comes from a small area in Brazil, production is limited.
Platinum is very strong and I'm really a gold person although it's a one of a kind gem so I shouldn't be so picky.

Besides I forgot to buy a Tattslotto for tomorrow night.


Andrew said...

The colour would work well with the colours of your eyes.

River said...

That is very, very pretty. With matching earrings and a strapless evening gown the same colour as the stone, anyone would look fabulous. Of course, shoes in the same colour and a glittery silver clutch purse to finish things off. Upswept hair, but not too severely styled.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, jewellery works well with every inch of me. I would have been fabulous in the days of corsets. Look at Queen Mary, the only reason she could overload the bling and still stand was a corset.

River, but demure, none of this leg showing up to the hip stuff that I saw at the Golden Globe Awards. They might have botox and face lifts but you can't do anything with scraggy knees or hands.

River said...

Agreed, no waist high slits or even thigh high. It's just tacky.