Sunday, February 10, 2013

That holiday I used to dream of.

The holiday in a light house far away from the madding crowd.  No people just me looking out over a sunlit sea.  Well I might have gone off that idea a bit after looking at this light house in Durham County during a walloping storm last week.
The view from inside would have been fantastic and "wet yer knickers" terrifying.
Still bolstered with enough Bombay Sapphire, chocolates and tranquilizers I may have enjoyed it.

Board of Directors of the nursing home are still assessing reports and notes.
Cowardy custard me has avoided head of staff by going down when the office is shut.
The cat is doing fine.  Do you know there was more discussion about the beast coming to live with me than discussion about the 6 days of hell my mother suffered in hospital.  
It's the 10th today, Chinese New Year but I'm still wading through the molasses that is 2013 so far. I've already had one breakdown and I don't usually get that bad until July. And I haven't even told you about my adventures in Myki land.


The Elephant's Child said...

Oooh yes. Frightening, beautiful - and no visitors. It has charm.
Why am I not surprised that your adoption of the cat caused more discussion than your mother's stay in purgatory? Much easier to resolve without any question of either blame or any assumption of responsibility by anyone except you. (Wearing my cynics hat - sorry.)

River said...

I don't think a lighthouse holiday would be fun at all. I'd like to be near the beach, but up on a cliff with steps going down to the sand and something rainforesty behind the cottage I'd be in.
Good to hear the cat is settling in. I hope there is more discussion about your mother's bad few days, perhaps if you went to the home while the office was open and demanded answers? No? I wouldn't either, I'm just as custardy as you.

Andrew said...

Durham County is near where R comes from. It has a very impressive cathedral.

Kath Lockett said...

'bolstered with enough Bombay Sapphire, chocolates and tranquilizers' - well, you can do that at home, too.

JahTeh said...

EC, I despair of university trained nurses. I might be old fashioned but the probationary period where they got their hands dirty and actually got to touch patients made them think if they really were cut out for nursing.

River, the answers will be forthcoming and I know I did the right thing in going to the Board of Directors.
A light house holiday would only be fun with enough enjoyments and I'm sure going up and down the stairs once a day would wear off any cake and chocolate I scoffed.

Andrew, I bet he's glad he's not there at the moment, it's freezing. I am not a snow and ice person.

Kath, I'd still be sitting in the same mess and that's no fun. You wouldn't catch me skiing though.

Cast Iron Balcony said...

Actually, as a person who enjoys blobbing around reading and watching DVDs, a lighthouse with awesome waves crashing around it would be quite enjoyable I think.