Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally photos.

My cherry tomatoes, my triumph over my black thumb in all matters plantlike.  They never made it to the kitchen, I'd just walk past and eat the ripe ones on my way to the back door. I've now picked 10, an all time record.
My one and only banana chilli. I stir fried it with tofu and Thai seasoning and it doesn't look like I'm going to get another one on the bush.  Probably because it's supposed to be in the ground not in a pot. A bit like the rest of the tomatoes which should be in the ground and are looking pretty grotty which is why you're not seeing a photo of them.
 And my little (?) IceBear.  Comfortable on the feather cushion like every other cat I've owned. Perhaps I should have rescued the other feather cushion at the time then I might have a chance to sit on one.  He was still a bit shy of the camera but not of exploring the house.  Nothing like picking up numerous diamonds off the floor because he decided to walk across the table in front of him. The tapestry protecting my table is anchored by a tonne of jewellery making things and it hangs down another 2 feet or so on the other side.  Genius discovered that if he grabbed it with front and backs paws he could swing backwards and forwards, a great game.
 My shredded curtains courtesy of Lucy and now himself.  I do have lovely new ones but the shreddeds have been there since 2010 so I can wait until the explorer has finished exploring. The TV is beside the DVD player and it's at least a metre  higher so I thought he'd never get up there.
Never underestimate a determined cat and never underestimate the dumbass who finds getting up is a lot easier than getting down.
At last, a head shot without hysteria.  I've finally combed all the terrible fur knots out of his back so he's much more comfortable.  Any time a cat can't groom himself I automatically look for an injury and since the knots were only in one spot, I assume he's had a wallop on the spine that's stopped him from moving without pain.  I'm not spoiling him but I did find a nice diamond collar that should suit his colouring. Next up is getting to read the tag and changing the address to mine which the council charge for.  And since all animals have to be registered in April, I get that as well.  He's only been here a week and I heard a purr from him last night.  I told you we'd bond over a can opener.


Andrew said...

He is a very handsome cat but I fear for you when you wear black. Better keep that little black cocktail dress in storage.

The Elephant's Child said...

Oooh and aaaah. I think that ice bear has landed on his feet, or perhaps on his comfortable belly. Very few of our tiny tomatoes make it in the back door. Home grown tomatoes urinate from a great height on those in stores.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, not only black, everything. We'll be having regular grooming sessions when he has settled in. And no, I'm not stupid enough to try and bath him.

EC, all white to your all blacks. That's my precious DVD player he's plonked himself on.

Kath Lockett said...

Ohhh, he's lovely. I'm with Andrew: black will not be a 'go to' colour for you any more.

Not that having an orange dog makes it any easier either.....

River said...

He's lovely, but maybe you should invest in a pair of gauntlets such as Falconers wear for the upcoming grooming sessions.
Nice to hear that he is purring already.

Davoh said...

Meh. Heh

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R.H. said...

I'm nominating you as the next pope.

R.H. said...

Ms Jahteh
Your Eminence
Cardinal of Southland.


Seems the atheists and side-show exhibits, perverts and assorted stink fingers along Chapel Street whose gender is a guessing game are not happy as a minority among 1.2 billion Catholics. Wow. Well go to church you bastards; same sex pollenation is wacko, never produced a single tomato.

On topic.

JahTeh said...

Kath, he's supposed to be a short hair cat but he's still trailing sheddings as he walks.

River, he doesn't mind a comb but only if HE'S in the mood. I need to buy a scratching post quick smart although the lounge has been shredded by cats long gone.

Welcome back Davoh.

Robbert, me, dreary? Pope? I'm not an atheist but I do dislike religion, all religions. One guy says my God is better than your God then shoots him to prove his point. Sheer insanity. On the other hand Belief in God that leads to doing good in the world without religion getting in the way is top of my sensible list of sensible things.

I am already elevated, I am the Queen of Southland and Crown Princess of ebay.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

aaaw he's lovely! I'm glad he's settling in and causing havoc.

I have had so many tomatoes I've had to ply my colleagues with them! It's been fabulous.

JahTeh said...

Now listen here Fenstar, nobody likes a boaster. I mean you did all the right things whereas my babies did it the hard way, same way I brought up the kids actually. Funny that, they grew and produced as well.

Middle Child said...

How at home he looks - so much like my own - who favour the printer, the keyboard and where I want to sit