Friday, February 15, 2013

I love Turkist Delight

And I'm scarffing one down as I type.  One does need a drop of sweetness in life and all I had for dinner was pancakes, maple syrup and ice-cream, 2 gin and tonics and a cappuccino.  But for all that I can still imagine myself in one of Marchesa's new fall collection gowns.  I'm rather partial to the red but love the swing of the beaded chiffon although I do have a lot more to hold it up in front than the stick insect currently wearing it.  Perhaps a tiny string of beads over the left shoulder just to make sure I don't turn suddenly and swing someone's eye out.
Apparently the collection is headed for the awards season in Hollywood and please don't let me see a Kardashian in one of my favourites.  I would have to stab myself in the eye if that happened.   


R.H. said...

They're both good looking but the blonde looks best. Blondes always score well with me. I'm ashamed to say it but I go through those junk mail catalogues from Target etc looking at the models, not the clothes.
Well sometimes I do examine the undies. How else would I know what they're wearing these days?

River said...

The red is a fabulous rich bold shade, but I'm also preferring the more delicate looking beaded gown.

The Elephant's Child said...

Ooooh. And Turkish delight as well!! I like the drama of the red one - but assume she was sewn into it and cannot eat or drink while wearing it for fear of the seams exploding.
Perhaps because I am/was one, I prefer the look of the brunette. And my goodness how thin they are...

JahTeh said...

Whatever floats yer boat Rochester but looking at undies, you'd have to use a microscope to see what's passing as undies these days.

River, I love that red but I could go for it in a deep violet, you know, for my hair.

EC, they don't eat, just smoke and drink Coke Zero or snort the other coke up their noses. Even Joanna Lumley who thinks fat people shouldn't exist is known for her lettuce leaf diet and lets not forget Liz Hurley with her 4 raisins for lunch.

Ann O'Dyne said...

nothing delightful about Turks. ish or ist.
Delightful gowns, IF we had them, and IF we had the right shape, actually require delightful OCCASIONS for the wearing, and where would those be?
Isn't the Marchesa chick married to Harvey Weinstein who owns hollywood?
All her stuff is gorgeous, hubby is another thing altogether.

JahTeh said...

Hi Annie, nice to see you back online.
Marchesa is two chicks, don't know the husband arrangement but they say power is an aphrodisiac.
I can see me lounging on the patio in the red and I wouldn't have to move as the pool boy would be bringing the Bombay straight to my manicured hand.