Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bless those Mayan stone cutters

20/2012 and the end of the World according to the Mayan calendar.  It didn't happen but look at the start of 2013. 
 The Pope resigns and lightning strikes St. Peter's Basilica during a massive storm. Conspiracy theorists come out of the woodwork and say it's photoshopped or was taken on some other stormy day.  It didn't hit the dome but the lightning rod beside the Cross.
A meteor shower hits Russia and this time thanks to iphones and digital cameras, it's all captured for us to see.  We have a couple of meteor showers a year thanks to the debris left by comets as they've passed by but this was unexpected since we were all looking in the direction of this big beast.
The asteroid known as 2012DA14 measuring 150 feet across with a mass of 130,000 metric tonnes.  It skimmed the geostationary orbit of Earth's satellites at 17,450 miles per hour but had nothing to do with the meteor shower since that was going in the opposite direction. So the boffins tell us and we do believe them just like we believe dodgy calendars carved in stone.

Kim Jong Un the Twit of North Korea allows his fellow citizens/slaves/peasants/prisoners to starve to death so he can have a death weapon of his own.  You could say he is the Pestilence of the Four Horsemen of the Appocalypse.

And if we want to really believe in disaster, there is the drugs in football land scandal and the drugs in bike racing scandal and the jockeys betting on horse racing scandal and it's only just starting election year.
 Welcome to the end of life as we know it well not exactly unless God gets really snarky and simultaneously smites every chocolate factory on Earth.

Did I mention there is a huge comet coming at us, so big and bright we'll be able to see it in daylight?  Gadzooks, what a year this is going to be.


Davoh said...

Yo, sweetheart - i know you have no responsibility to - or allowing me - to say 'hello' again (be the facts as they may).

I DO, actually, remain - reading your writings.

All I am is a human - born with a penis. Not really sure why that should be a major problem with communication between human beings.

River said...

There's a major comet heading our way?
I'd better charge up the camera battery. And the spare battery. and maybe get a bigger SD card. When is this event happening?
If God smites the chocolate factories, I'm going straight up there and smite him right back.

Davoh said...

River .. am not the bloke CW whinges about (just thought to make that clear - have never met her ; que)

JahTeh said...

Probably nothing to do with communication Davoh, but funny you should mention it since I've just been reading an article about some sea slug who uses it then drops it off to grow another one for the next assignation.

River, just put up a post for you on the comets currently passing. Sky and Telescope is great with maps and locations.

Davoh, me, whinge about blokes?

Kath Lockett said...

.... plus Mr Pictorius showing that being good at sport isn't enough....