Friday, April 26, 2013

Lenticular clouds.

Rather than trawl through my files to find a lenticular cloud over Mt. Fujiyama for River  
I used that  popular search engine and found the one I wanted.  It's not the top one either.
I am getting suspicious of any photo that looks too good to be true and the top one is photoshopped. The bottom one is genuine and the first cloud layer is exactly the same in both photos and the other layers are also the same just graduated upwards.  Clever little bunnies ruined a great natural photo, I spit upon their skillz.


Elephant's Child said...

But not as clever as you. Thank you - I wouldn't have picked it up.

River said...

I wouldn't have known either. clever little so and so's.
I really like lenticular clouds although I don't know why. They're just so unusual, not something we see here in the city.
Thank you.

JahTeh said...

EC, I didn't at first but then the other is one of my favourites and I could see the same bits and bobs in the smaller clouds. I never mind waiting for a bus if there is a cloud in the sky, I'll watch it and waste time quite happily.

River, there are some great photos on the web and some really do look like UFOs. I found some very weird blogs looking for that image. This image is unusual because the clouds usually back up behind the mountain not sit on top.