Thursday, April 25, 2013


This tiara has nothing to do with the post, I just happen to like it and want it and am going to try and make a hair comb in this fashion.  Drooling and thinking  how good I would look in any tiara is what happens when you start googling for a particular tiara and get sidetracked.

Anyway, April is almost gone and so has the autumn allergy rash, almost.  Whatever I'm allergic to in autumn and spring gives me a rash from knee down to ankle on both legs. It doesn't go any further, just there is enough to send me insane from the heat and the wanting to scratch my legs to ribbons.   But this past two weeks I've had a scratching urge for both arms and my neck.
This is different, no rash appearing above the skin not like the legs which makes me wear very long dresses.  I go through the diet to see if I've eaten anything out of the ordinary, nope.   I've already had to cut down on tofu as soy interferes with one of the diabetic medications. Grapefruit interferes with cholesterol medication and I've had an intolerance to grapefruit for years. Latest thing is that all citrus, even marmalade, could interfere with certain medications.  That's a problem as some mornings are just toast and marmalade mornings and nothing else. (don't mention the porridge) I don't change soap, powder, washing powder or food if it agrees with me.
The only thing I have done is open a bottle of Estee Lauder Youth Dew which I've been saving until I'd finished another bottle of Arden's Green Tea.   Bingo!  Some medications can make a person photo sensitive and the itchyness is where I've sprayed perfume and I've had sun on my skin.  My sister has already offered to take my brand new bottle as it's her favourite but I can spray it on my clothes before I put them on, no itchy.  But I must have looked great, scratching like a crystal meth addict all over Southland not to mention getting out the magnifying glass to see if there were any little red tracks which meant I had scabies.  Don't laugh, in and out of hospitals and the Home, it can happen although not to me.  From now on, it's night cream only for the old face as some creams are also photo sensitive.  
You know I haven't had an urge to scratch all day, until now. 


Unknown said...

Oh, that's awful! Good idea re spraying Youth Dew on your clothes, though. Itchy here too, but that's due to old fashioned hayfever.

River said...

I don't believe Sorbolene creams and lotions are sun sensitive, try those. They're cheap too.
For itching I have my own method of treatment. I scratch like a crazy woman, then immediately douse the area with undiluted Dettol or similar. Stings a bit, but the itch stops and usually doesn't return. Spraying perfume on clothes can help the fabric to break down faster, same as deodorants do. That's why garment underarm areas wear out faster.

Elephant's Child said...

Aaargh. Some of my medication also makes me photo sensitive. And I burn (and sometimes blister) rather than itch. Sometimes medication is much worse than the malady.
I am not a tiara person (too big) but that one is stunning.
And I am sorry to say that I giggled at the image of the mad woman scratching her heart out all over Southland. It might even help you move up queues faster...

Ann ODyne said...

calamine lotion.
that is all.
except - wear the tiara out shopping. X X X

JahTeh said...

Kath, just sneezed half my brain out and my eyes are watering but the rash is almost gone.

River, I'm very stingy with expensive perfume. Can't scratch anything on the legs it's a sure way to cop a dose of cellulitis if the immune system is crap or dodgy circulation. Mind you I have tried rubbing two legs together really fast to get some relief but not enough to set myself alight.

EC, of course you are a tiara person, we all are and the bigger the person, the larger the tiara that can be worn.
Now that will move us up the queues faster.

Annie O, I used to have calamine in 44 gallon drums and I'd still scratch. The calamine would dry out, I'd scratch and all the hairs on my legs would break. I think that's why I don't have to shave.
Best cure is Hamilton's Pinetar Lotion with Menthol but it's hard to find and I have a feeling they've stopped making it.

Andrew said...

Less messy than calamine lotion, prickly heat powder, lightly rubbed in.

JahTeh said...

That didn't work either, Andrew. This rash is like being on fire but it doesn't last long but it leaves my legs looking like a battlefield.