Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A guilty birthday present for me.

I shouldn't feel guilty buying my own birthday present but I do.  There's no-one else to buy it for me and does it matter if I used the last of my pension pennies to lash out on something extravagant?  Try convincing yourself that it's okay to buy something that you might not wear but then I thought, well, I'll have something nice to be buried in.  Good, that's done, I don't feel guilty now and I must remember to put it in my funeral plan, along with what tiaras to put in the slideshow (no-one wants to see my life) along with a never ending CD of Celine Dion singing the theme from Titanic.  I'll have fun, all the New Agers say we turn up to watch our own funeral.  I by-passed the drop of delicious that those shoes are, peacock feathers and diamonds, the decadence just slayed me. I'd have to have matching crutches to stop me falling over. 

 But when I saw this fabric, embroidered over net with sequins and ribbon roses, I was in love.
I bought a yard to dress a doll and considering the slashed price (click and see) I kept thinking how nice it would be for a gown.  That last burgundy frock on that skinny tart got me going again. 
 It is heavily embroidered at the bottom, not so much at the top and don't forget this is net over the store's silk so it's not so red or pink, it's burgundy.

It's delicate and probably not washable although any food would fall through the net to the underskirt.  By the time I had added up the cost, what I'd saved (considerable) plus a discount for being a regular customer minus the postage (bummer) I'd talked myself into it.  But the finger did hover on the buy button after all I still haven't opened the sewing machine since the move back to my sewing room.  And I still haven't cut out a new or three winter dresses I need. I mean someone the other day down at the Home said how nice my dress was.  I've been wearing said dress for 35 years with an extra inch or so put back in the side. Something to be said for buying good wool and a lasting pattern.  You know, I didn't even realize I'd hit the buy button.
This is Red Cabernet pure Thai silk.  It's costly and the alternative is faux silk dupioni in cabernet.
One is luxury, the other is, well, nice but not silk although I save quite a lot on both.  I haven't decided yet.  A discussion with Mother, my sewing mentor, is in order. She's already seen the lace so I'll let her decide since it'll be her gift to me.  She never knows what to buy me and this birthday is a crappy one, you know, one of the tombstones on the way to old age.  I really must go and see if there's a sewing machine under that cover.  Comments are welcome except snarks about circus tents will be dealt with severely.


Elephant's Child said...

Happy birthday.

And luxuries are in order. I love the embroidered material, and would opt for the silk. And then probably be too gutless to put scissors to either of them. In the interim they are eminently strokable and droolable (from a safe distance) over.

River said...

I don't like the shoes although the colour is nice, but that fabric! It's GORGEOUS!!! I wish I wore things like that instead of jeans and T-shirts that get tossed in the machine, no ironing required.
Might I ask what patterns you use? Could you perhaps post a picture of them? Black out the size if you like, I just would like to see what style has seen you through so many years and still gets you compliments.
I would like to make blouses and dresses again, but long and loose dresses, like caftans. I'm just not such a good sewer. You have me thinking of silk blouses now.

JahTeh said...

EC, two months away for birthday but I like to be prepared. The silk is stiff and same colour both sides which is always a trap for me. I can see it made up in my mind's eye and I look fabulous.

River, silk is cool and warm, ideal. I have two patterns for dresses and two for nightdresses which also double for sun dresses. The only difference is that I use a silky fabric for the yoke on a nightie. I don't think they make patterns big enough for me these days, I just measure, faint and adjust.
I love caftans and jeans seem so uncomfortable and you will never see me in leggings and a T-shirt. I've got palpitations at the thought.
Easy pattern for a caftan is to buy double your shoulder height in fabric, fold it in half and make a hole for your head, sew up the sides unless you want to do an Angelina with the legs and hem.

Ann ODyne said...

on Saturdays years ago I used to enjoy seeing bride-to-be and The Mother at the counter with the gorgeous fabric that was all $300 a yard. One time SBS Global Village show had an edition on the French places that make amazing couture fabrics, and the guy doing it said he got about a metre done in a week. As El Chi said above - a very deep breath would be taken before cutting into it.
Whatever do the fashion houses do with the 'offcuts' I wonder.

Gorgeous things are there to be luxuriated in. we all need gorgeous.

Brian Hughes said...

I'll stick with my boots. I prefer something solid and dependable that'll get me to the shops and back without crippling me. Besides, I don't think the peacock feather would suit me.

Ann ODyne said...

Feminoz is back. get over there.

and my place too.
I just got all worked up about that inept evil Serco company that bashed the refugees and loses German criminals.

Middle Child said...

It is beautiful material...and sometimes I buy myself something totally useless - and wonder why - its by way of Consolation sometimes but no harm in being good to yourself

River said...

Ann O'Dyne; offcuts would be made into matching evening purses perhaps, and things like that, maybe matching slippers. Possibly short jackets to go over a plainer evening gown. Surely they can't just waste the fabric.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I just loved Buckley and Nunn lace department. Lace is just a wonder. I have some yards of $200 guipure lace in case my granddaughters want a swish wedding.

MiLord, the peacock feather would light up your eyes but perhaps you're right knowing the gales that batter Fleetwood, you could be flying over the Fels before you know it.

Annie, mother crisis again.

Middle Child, we all are of an age where we're allowed to go mad and frivolous.

River, I've seen a doco about Dior and believe me those fabric cutters know their job, hardly a thread left after they finish.

Ann ODyne said...

oh yes JahTeh - Buckleys was the best place for fabric. When I commented I was still so worked up about my Serco security post that I forgot to put that it was the Clegs store in Elizabeth Street which always had the bridal Mum sewers with pale faces at the cost.
Your stash of guipure is genius.