Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fat, who me?

Oh how true this is! Our Miss O'Dyne has an excellent post up about obesity and lovely photos of our Members of Parliament who are showing us how to follow their guidelines to fitness.
It is too frustrating for me.  In one week I have gone down 4 kilos, next week I could go up again.
I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I feel it.  Remember the old "Pinch test", I'd have to take mine with a sliding door.
Am I depressed?  Well, shit yes!  I'm bombarded daily with articles on fat this, obesity that and why don't you lose weight and make room for 6 more people on the planet.  My family on mother's side is big, fat, the O word before it became fashionable and it was only the women. We also have loads of breast cancer and ovarian cancer and more fat. I have a side by side photo and believe me you couldn't fit a biscuit between the wall to wall boobs on all of the sisters and cousins. 
My sister was thin. I have two of her dresses that would fit on one leg these days. She smoked and drank, still smokes but has cut down on the drinking but age has caught up with her and so has the backside.  When the lodger came and lodged, she was cooking with a lot of cream and butter, recipes from the 70s which she hadn't bothered with for years.  The lodger would also bring home an ice-cream or a cake and it only took 6 months for her to start wobble walk.  She dropped the cream and butter and full cream milk and ice-cream but once on the downhill wobble it's hard to get back.  She's now stuck with that middle age spread even with the hard nursing work she does.
I have several middle age spreads, how generous is that, thank you, body.  Stress will kill me.
Mother stress, cat stress, diabetes stress, blood pressure stress, agoraphobia stress, and just for dessert, plain old worry about stress. I even stress about my stress medication. 

I'm stressing now.  I know when I open the fridge door I will not find the pavlova and lemon meringue pie sandwich I'd love to find but broccoli, beans, carrots and a small piece of organic chicken.  It's not going to do a bit of good in the de-stressing department.  And the cat's starting up now and his food smells better than mine.


Elephant's Child said...

Oh snap. And I eat reasonably almost always. And I look like the Michelin woman. I had hoped that it was my underactive thyroid at fault, but I think it is just because I am fat. Sigh.
Mind you, I am worried that the cat's food smells better than your own. Ours eat things which are a whisker away from retch-worthy.
I have three (half)brothers and they are all thin. As is the smaller portion. There is no effing justice.

Brian Hughes said...

When I was younger people (well...when I say people, I mean my family, so I'm being generous with the term) would laugh at me for being so thin. I could eat until the shops went into emergency melt down but I never put on an ounce. Now I'm old I'm fat and the same people laugh at me because I'm overweight. I can't win. So I eat and be damned. In another hundred years we'll all be dead anyway. I quite like being fat, anyway. It gives the cats somewhere comfortable to settle down.

River said...

oh the dreaded wobble walk! I have it, but so far only my belly, you know that rounded "apron" that you're left with after 4 babies, years of no exercise and love of butter and chocolate! The back fat probably wobbles too, if I'm in a hurry, but I can't feel it yet. I don't eat a heck of a lot, but I do eat the wrong things and snack a bit too much. I've always done that though and I know the real problem now is not enough exercise. But when a decent-speed walk of less than 2k has me lying down for three days, what's the point?

JahTeh said...

EC, I always liked Joanna Lumley until she made her rotten remarks about fat people and then admitted there were weeks when she ate nothing but lettuce to stay thin. Hypocrite. 10.30 on the teev last night they were advertising my favourite new Lindt chocolate and I swear I was drooling. And then there are nights when all you get are ads for cars and washing detergent and then they slip in a KFC chicken.

MiLord, you were thin? You're so damned handsome now but with a body, you'd never have kept us away. Nothing like a determined blogging stalker. My immediate family were okay but relatives ruined me with the "Why aren't you like your thin sister?" so in revenge I ate more. Of course now, we know all about this way of controlling our lives. I was never going to be a non-eater, fish and chips on the wind still has that Siren's call.
I know about the cats, I am nothing more to mine than a soft bed.

River, give me a choice between a Pav and an apple and I know what I'm having.
Although the taste is changing, I'm more towards marmalade and dark Lindt now and the only exercise worth doing is the walk to the local cafe for coffee and cake.
What I need is someone to knock on the door 3 times a day and hand me a plate of food so I don't have to think about it.

Ann ODyne said...

My addiction is sugar. I used to like it in Lindt, but now I know about their palm oil I'm cured of them (the palm forests are decimating the orangutangs or something cute and furry).
Sugar is in EVERYTHING - wine beer soup champagne bread etc etc.
The COAG Report To Government must have cost a zillion dollars yet Aisle 4 at Woolways will still have 168 kinds of salty fatty deathwish crisps long after the recommendations are forgotten.
I need a cup of tea - oh wait, that's fattening too. sigh.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, now they're going on about coffee but after the screaming headlines you find it's drinking any more than 5 cups a day. 5 cups and I'd be seeing the world through a toilet door.
I've been drinking a bottle of diet ginger beer a day (small) and it still has sugar but natural from the brewing process so now it should be on labels if the sugar is added or naturally occurring.
The reason for the ginger beer is that 40grams of ginger a day is supposed to be good for arthritis and 40grms is how much is in the brewed Bundaberg ginger beer.
As for sugar, I wanted some in my coffee the other morning but it had been so long since I had sugar that I had to break it up with a knife, it was rock hard in the sugar bowl. I still put it in the coffee but I felt rightous.

River said...

Should have just poured the hot coffee into the sugar bowl, that melts it pretty quick.......

Middle Child said...

Its good to read posts from people like you who aren't sanctimonious about everything. One thing is sure as we were born we will die - some sooner than others - my Mum was lovely - but she never smoked nor drank and was always slim. She dropped dead sadly at only 66. My dad's sisters were what you call Big (fat) both lived till mid 90's - and they weren't all that nice either.

JahTeh said...

Middle child, if it's in the genes, it's in the genes. And I couldn't live on lettuce for any reason. I might turn out skinny but I wouldn't be nice.