Saturday, May 25, 2013


 For my crowning glory.
For my finger.
For my fabulous figure.


Elephant's Child said...

Oooh. Burgundy is one of my most favourite colours. Love the tiara, and the ring has charm. I am not so convinced about the dress. I think I prefer something which doesn't show that I ate something the week before last (which is probably about the most recent time the woman modelling it has eaten. A pea.)

Ann ODyne said...

dear El Chi - that woman probably has a personal trainer do home visits daily after she swims in her pool, and before she goes to the hair/nail/face treatment spa for 4 hours, on her way to frock fittings - she doesn't have time to eat.
Coppy - that tararia is just lovely. god how I would love to walk into the supermarket wearing it. Just read a Sotheby's Melbourne news item which claimed they are selling the wedding tiara of Madonna. sounds too weird to me. It's just so funny to me, every time I see a pic of The Homewrecker wearing them, that the Queen Cookie Mothers big jools and raras all came from Mrs Ronnie Greville

JahTeh said...

EC, I saw another photo of this gown and the underskirt was definitely flesh coloured, so downgraded to almost trash for what was revealed. I would have a light burgundy pure silk underneath.

Annie O, if I remember that Madonna tiara was nothing to note and I think I have a photo of it. Not all of Mrs G's, that huge ruby and diamond breastplate came from oil dollars and she copped a swag of sapphires at the same time. She likes the Boucheron tiara, the Delhi Durbar gives her a headache. It was Chuck who forked out for that enormous amethyst heart on ropes of pearls.
Now I'll have to trawl through books of tiaras to find Madonna's, terribly hard work.

River said...

Love the tiara, but the ring is a little large for my taste. Half that size would be fine. The dress, like Elephant's Child said, would need to be a little looser across the belly. Just a little. Apart from that, it is beautiful and I think I'll ask Santa for one this year.

Andrew said...

She is very attractive. I checked her name from the photo and it is exotic. So who is she? She rather reminds me of myself in drag.

Brian Hughes said...

You want to stick that woman on your finger, Witchy?

JahTeh said...

River, you can never have a ruby too big.
I still would have liked a darker underskirt to show up the bling better.

Andrew, I forgot to get the name I was so in love with the dress but movie star of course.
Now none of us are going to believe that unless you post photos although you are fetching enough just as you are now.

MiLord, anything that good in my dress is more likely to be on the end of my boot.